The Top Ten Stocks for Jan. 8

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Jan. 8 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Trish Regan, Alix Steel and Adam Johnson report on today’s ten most important stocks including, J.C. Penney, Twitter and Apple. (Source: Bloomberg)

Top 10. number 10, apple, the company will open its 10th store in mainland china this week.

15% of the company, i believe, has pledged to double outlets in china to meet demands.

Time warner cable, the company says that they lost 215 thousand video customers in the fourth quarter.

Obviously got -- obviously battling mounting providers -- mounting carriers.

I keep waiting for cable to show up on my iphone.

I just want to watch tv on my iphone.

I have apple tv.

Very cool.

The raid, new path, offering an unsolicited bid.

They offered to pay 100 $50 million, well above the proposal of 105. number seven, micron technologies.

First-quarter revenue topped estimates, moving to about $4 billion, most of it based on the july acquisition of the japanese semi conductor maker.

The container store, reporting its first quarterly results as a public company, earnings beat analyst estimates, but revenue fell short.

Money coming in through the front door on the top line, consumer traffic at the container store may continue to slow down during this quarter.

Number five, up nine percent, third-quarter profits beating analyst estimates, the company also raising profit forecasts on stronger outlets for beer business, which is a big deal, it has been struggling.

This is actually something to highlight for the beer industry.

They just close the big acquisition of corona in this country.

The distribution of it.

With ownership of distribution in this country, as well as the brewery that makes the u.s. sold beers.

However, it is really specialty beer that i like to drink.

Like belgian stuff?


Specialty beer, local beer, i like going to breweries.

We digress, we need to get to jcpenney, everyone, totaling 10% after releasing its holiday results statement, reiterating their fourth quarter forecast, that they would leave with their fourth button to provide specific sales figures or december.

Twitter is down three percent today, falling for a third day after another downgrade.

Cantor fitzgerald upping the valuation to excessive, 300 times cash flow.

Twitter shares debuted in november at 100 45%. analysts are coming out of the woodwork's, saying downgrade.

Number two, forest labs, the most in 16 years.

This acquisition will allow them to expand into gastrointestinal and cystic fibrosis treatment.

An earlier tweet said that activism proves to be working well.

Here we are, the number one stock of the day, ford today, up . microsoft, down two percent.

[closing bell] the ford ceo has taken himself out of the race to be the top dog at microsoft, declaring that he will not leave for the tech giant, despite recent speculation.

A market ending up almost four points there, the

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