The Top Ten Stocks for Jan. 7

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Jan. 7 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Trish Regan, Alix Steel and Adam Johnson report on today’s ten most important stocks including JPMorgan Chase, iRobot and Apple. (Source: Bloomberg)

Tallest u.s. hotel building here in new york city.

On the corner of broadway and 54, a 378 room courtyard hotel.

It is a pretty big building.

Let's go see if they have a bar on top, it would be fun to see the view.

Number nine, these changes were made in part because the company's stock was downgraded.

This security company was founded, -- terms of the deal not disclosed.

The toymaker may miss analyst projections.

Wait -- they say barbie faces misses.

Some are really anti-barbie.

My parents tried to buy me a g.i. joe.

I was a lego guy.

A lot of people do not like to give their daughters or sons barbies because -- it reinforces a stereotype?

But if they wanted it, they could turn on the db, i'm just saying.

We have gotten so politically correct, by the kid a barbie.

Or one of these, irobot, up seven percent.

This is the company that makes the roomba, they've a new one that scrubs the floor, the scuba . this is the guy who has no idea what a sliver is -- swiffer is.

Number five is apple, down .5%. $10 million were spent in its app store last year.

The top cap was mine for -- cap was my graft, angry birds star warsit cost me like seven dollars, but i paid for it.

Number four is netflix, falling five percent, morgan stanley cut the rating on competition in the u.s. based on products like amazon prime.

Facebook is up more than one percent today, they recommend purchasing the stocks in the fourth quarter results with a likely solid quarter, firing on all cylinders when it comes to monetization.

We know what that means.

[closing bell] the number two stock, eli lilly, down half of one percent, losing patent protection on cymbalta, its best-selling drug, last month, leading to predictions that revenue will decline to its lowest level.

I heard the bell, our number one stock of the day, down one percent.

The bank has agreed to pay one point $7 billion to settle claims that they ignored obvious warning signs thanks to the bertie made up on the scheme.

They agreed to pay $542 million based on the losses tied to the scheme.

Signs continue to mount for jpmorgan.

A good day for the markets here, looks like we are closing up more than 100 points.

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