The Top Ten Stocks for Jan. 6

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Jan. 6 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Trish Regan, Julie Hyman and Adam Johnson report on today’s ten most important stocks including Twitter, Whole Foods and Sirius XM. (Source: Bloomberg)

Confirmation of janet yellen.

It's time for the 10 stocks of the day -- walgreens deigning after reporting an increase in december sales.

The drugstore chain says they -- same store sales were 6.1% last month as customers filled more solutions.

At number nine, solar state is up and first solar is down.

Goldman upgrading them saying the company is well-positioned to capitalize on the rooftop market.

But it could get cut based on lower margins.

Shares hauling due to an analyst note, analysts say whole foods profit margins could be increasing a discount amid higher profit margins.

No discount there.

Number seven is ebay, shares falling almost three percent.

Getting cut to the equal weight from overweight.

The mattress maker anticipates its fourth-quarter earnings per share will come in below the low land of the entire forecast.

Ailes from cyber monday through the end of december missed targets.

Come on, people, go out him by some mattresses.

I'm in the market for a mattress.

Number five is twitter -- shares dropping three percent as morgan stanley lowers them to underweight from equal weight.

They say twitter may lose to larger rivals like facebook.

It's like a pylon at this point.

-- like a pile on at this point.

This thing is trading somewhere around 300 times cash flow.

I have to say cash flow because there are no earnings yet.

Obviously this -- it is a contest.

People wanted social media, a social media lay in their portfolio.

You needed to get in.

Facebook or twitter and linkedin, maybe.

Those were your big options and twitter seemed like the younger, hipper competitor.

My mom is on facebook.

It's not hit.

But pandora is.

Rising 14%, the most in four months on listener data.

The company says it has 76.2 active listeners.

A jump of 13% from the same time last year.

And/or also announcing the launch of an in car advertising solution.

Let's talk about boeing -- shares up to date after the plane maker reported it delivered 648 new airplanes in 2013, an all-time record.

Boeing reached a deal with its largest union which will allow the company to avoid disruptions for the planned 777. we will have more on the union deal with the governor of washington state.

He will join us later on in the hour.

Number two, general elections -- general electric down nearly 1%. they are going to expand their lifestyle -- life science unit.

And we are at our number one stock of the day -- it is serious ask liberty media one-stroke wire full ownership of the satellite radio broadcaster.

Lebron made an offer last week.

We'll give liberty access to a new source of capital, we have leo hindery on hand to help.

We are starting to see the final

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