The Top Ten Stocks for Jan. 3

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Jan. 3 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Adam Johnson, Stephanie Ruhle and Matt Miller report on today’s ten most important stocks including BP, Delta and Sprint. (Source: Bloomberg)

Both companies protect computer network's against hackers.

Micron technology down 3%. the company is falling.

Rbc capital downgraded the stock saying valuation has got ahead of fundamentals.

Last year the stock was up more than 250%. bp shares are down slightly.

A federal appeals court will fast-track the appeal.

Bp claims a lower court judge that approved millions in payments for economic loss is not linked to the disaster.

The oil company says it is paying out nine billion dollars.

The satellite radio provider up about 2%. upgrading the shares to by setting expectations for rapid growth.

I listened to channel 59 which is country, the highway.

Number six.


The stock is down three percent.

At&t is trying to poach t-mobile customers offering up to $450 in credit for every phone line use whichever.

That deal begins today.

Sprint down four percent after getting a downgrade from steeple.

Steeple says sprint will struggle to obtain regulatory approval for its proposed merger with t-mobile.

At&t is feeling -- stealing the clients.

Can sprint break-in?

It is so far behind.

I am a bit jaded.

I started this job in 1999 coverings brent and deutsche telekom merger rumors.

They have been going on for 15 years.

I am over it.

You look great.

Thank you.

Carl icahn supposedly buys as much as 40 million shares.

He gave a note comment to our copilot.

Number three on exelon.

Not feeling excellent.

Dow 2% after getting a pair of downgrades.

It hit a 52-week low off of this news along with con ed and pg&e. delta air lines even today as all the airports shut down.

Don't to is up six percent.

The best performer in the s&p. the airline has raised to a long -- a strong buy.

This comes after the company announced solid gains in its december traffic.

Revenue jumped 10% from december 2012. airlines were the way to go.

One was the last time you took a commercial airline?

He knows how to make money.

D will be retiring its last dc-9 on january 6. they were made -- made in 1980 two.

It is about time.

I do not want to write a 30- year-old airplane.

Do you?

Our number one stock, general motors.

Down three percent.

-- 3%. sales down 6.3% while analysts estimate that they would rise.

One of the worst performers in the s&p today.

Those shares have made people a lot of money.

I am not that keen on that color.

Make it solid red, nonmetallic.

These of the stories we're tracking ahead of monday's open.

We are not nerds, we are just

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