The Top Ten Stocks for Jan. 29

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Jan. 29 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Trish Regan, Adam Johnson and Cory Johnson report on today’s ten most important stocks including Sotheby’s, Dow Chemical and Facebook.” (Source: Bloomberg)


Dropping and the ceo is struggling to revise user growth amid competition from facebook.

Maccormick down six percent as its profit falls short of analyst projections.

The manufacturer of spices and flavorings cites slower growth in u.s. businesses.

Amc down -- emc down -- first quarter profit not what people expected.

They plan to take charges tied to the elevation of about a thousand jobs.

Tivo gaining after making an acquisition to beef up its cloud-based offering.

They hope it will secure deals with bigger movie distribution.

Salaries down as they announced they will pay a special dividend of $300 million.

They may also sell some real estate.

They're facing pressure from dan loeb trying to improve their position.

At&t down one percent, still considering a takeover bid from vodafone.

At&t will probably have to wait out the deadline for making that offer.

There is a lot of moving parts on this stuff.

Is interesting -- the interest in cable systems in the u.s. and europe -- you have charter and liberty and at&t. very interesting.

You remember when deutsche tell bought vodafone around 2000? it was heralded as the great merger.

It was going to bring self- service globally and it just never really -- that was europe looking west.

Imagine how it's going get away.

Number four is dow chemical, rising three percent after stepping up its share buyback program.

They are extending it to 4.5 billion from 1.5 ilion and raising their dividend to $.37. it is the carl icahn trade, putting cash to work.

Boeing shares falling five percent, the most since july.

They say revenue and profit will fall short of analyst estimates as the pace of jet orders slows.

Jetblue following 2% as costs rise.

Half the projected increase in cost will come from an agreement to raise pilots pay over the next three years.

They will boost salaries by 20%. those guys work hard.

Coming up on the close of trading -- the number one stock is ace book, the social network reporting earnings in just a few moments.

Analysts are expecting a strong fourth quarter driven by mobile and new fees.

We'll have that as soon as crosses, but let's get to the market.

An interesting closing bell

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