The Top Ten Stocks for Jan. 27

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Jan. 27 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Trish Regan, Adam Johnson and Alix Steel report on today’s ten most important stocks including Herbalife, Wal-Mart and Apple. (Source: Bloomberg)

With numbers today.

Cantor fitzgerald says they will give a healthy report beating estimates on the top and bottom line.

Full coverage of the apple results are coming up.

Xerox falling more than five percent.

Down to a market perform -- the stock's valuation already inflicts the -- reflects the services and makes.

Herbalife, a seven percent rise, the most in more than a month after tim rainey, one of its biggest defenders left its analyst position to work for the company's top shareholders, joining post shareholdings.

Number seven, cisco down 1% -- the company's valuation is rich versus is earning attentional.

Another one we like to talk about here on "street smart" -- lulu lemon gets downgraded.

Down about 3%. do you want to know what they cited?

Peter pan?

Now that infamous interviewer the former ceo told you -- what did he tell you?

He said some women's aunties are not made for the pants.

As i told you, you don't tell a girl that.

You absolutely do not tell a girl that.

You've learned that.

You probably had a girlfriend break up with you at one point.

There are certain things you never say to women.

Lots of pr problems.

This comes as royal caribbean was forced to bring one of its ships home early -- 600 people caught a stomach bug.

It's like a virus trap.

This is why i never go on a cruise.

There's no way -- even though it looks so pretty.

It's just so boring.

You just eat and sit.

It looks kind of good.

Now i'm hungry.

Walmart down a fraction -- they're cutting 2500 jobs as it expands throughout the warehouse division.

Liberty global down about two percent today.

The company controlled by john malone has agreed to take over a dutch writer.

They have been expanding their reach in europe.

American eagle rising 3% on the news that their ceo purchased 500,000 shares of the stock.

And how about that -- i think i hear the bell and we are on our number one stock of the day.

Sales this year will be about $56 billion.

I spoke earlier this morning with the ceo.

I will be bringing extras from

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