The Top Ten Stocks for Jan. 21

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Jan. 21 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Trish Regan, Matt Miller, and Alix Steel report on today’s ten most important stocks including Blackberry, NuPathe, and Johnson & Johnson. (Source: Bloomberg)

Down despite fourth-quarter profits that beat estimates.

Less than the record 2.1 million earlier.

3 million more than analysts surveyed by bloomberg had anticipated.

The phone company reaching a deal to buy an internet tv service.

We have an idea what it means for you going forward.

Who knew?

Ibm dropping nearly one full percent.

The company is due to report fourth-quarter results in just a few minutes.

Analysts surveyed looking for earnings per share of six dollars flat on revenue of about 28 billion.

Keep it here.

Julie will break down the results for you as soon as they cross.

Number eight, expedia.

The company has lost 25% of visibility on google.

The report shows they believe they are trying to gain algorithms to rank higher in search results.

Number seven, all collapse.

Jpmorgan raises the rating on the aluminum producer.

-- number seven, alcoa.

I love it, too.

Because they make sale him and him or the new ford f1 50. d climbing three percent.

Boasting fourth-quarter profit that beat analysts estimates.

The tentative -- benefited from increased holiday travel in the work you all costs.

Number five um under armour gaming three percent after announcing a new partnership with notre dame.

They will exclusively design and provide apparel for a equipment and game day apparel for the fighting irish.


I just want to hold my tongue when i talk about notre dame because i am not a fan.

I love my workout gear.

It protects me in the seven degree weather when i am running . i think it is admirable and interesting they have made such a push in an area that is so dominated by nike.

And it is really cool.

A push, take effort towards getting the best, coolest, new technology.

Nike has been doing it for decades.

They are disrupting.

Can we say that under armour is a startup?

It was.

Number four, target down after the rating is low word.

The firm says target may have to suspend the stock i back program in the aftermath of a massive data breach.

This happens every time you are here.

I think we can go through the top 10 stocks without worrying.

Fax number three, johnson & johnson down more johnson & johnson down after they trailed estimates.

Some say they will not be able to sustain their growth rate.

New patch is up seven percent.

They are looking for a higher bid.

Can we have that bell again?

A drumroll would be good here.

Blackberry surging nearly 10% after the department of defense says that the smartphone accounts for 90% of the devices.

They are counting on loyalty from customers like in the u.s. government.

Basically what happened is the very last holdout guaranteed the customer is still going to use the product.

They did commit.

I do say that it has a terrific keyboard.

Anyway, let's get to -- i am seeing a headline that

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