The Top Ten Stocks for Jan. 2

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Jan. 2 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Adam Johnson, Julie Hyman and Carol Massar report on today’s ten most important stocks including Facebook, Twitter and Fiat. (Source: Bloomberg)

Bank of america, one of the few names up today.

Up 3.5% after getting an upgrade this morning from citigroup.

A stock also hitting a 52-week high.

Citigroup says the bank will benefit because of its exposure to the u.s. consumer.

Number nine is crocs.

Also got an upgrade this morning.

The stock -- blackstone announce his own 200 million dollar investment and after matt miller bought a camel care earlier in the week.


Number eight, up four percent intraday's trade.

Newmont is falling 50% last year.

That made the biggest decline -- it supposedly shared.

Why sell it to advertisers when you could give it to the government?

You could make money with advertisers.


i thought we just gave everybody's data way to the government.

Number 6, 2 for the price of one.

American eagle and urban outfitters.

Both had a dismal 2013 but are being raised to buy.

Top picks among specialty retailers for 2014. a strong stomach.

Number five, twitter.

Doing pretty well today.

The social media company got an upgrade.

Raising its price target from $52 per share to $70 per share.

It makes it among the highest price targets in data tracked by bloomberg.

Check your calendars.

It was just last month twitter fell 13%, saying it is too far too fast.

It is all over the place.

A great run last year.

Hillary claim or -- kramer was here.

She thinks it'll gets $85. it is around 67 right now.

She thinks people will get it there.

She says it does not necessarily have to do with fundamentals.

It definitely does not.

It is trading literally on an enterprise value.

The value of stock plus the bonds, adding a 300 multiple of cash flow.

Who cares about that?

I see you for your twitter blue sweater today.

Analog devices.

About 3% downgraded by both goldman sachs and wells fargo.

Both said valuation and softening chip demand was down.

They have also been cut by deutsche bank last month.

Exxon mobil falling today along with other energy stocks down almost 1.5%. all 10 major groups in the s&p 500 are down today.

Oil prices down the most in almost 14 months.

Energy shares are falling.

Apple, and number two, down 1%. downgraded today, wells fargo securities saying they are under pressure later in the year.

There is the first closing bell of 2014. the number one stock of the day, fiat.

Shares are up 16% and this comes as the ceo reaches a deal with the uaw trust.

The transaction is valued at about four point $3 billion.

It's amazing.

We were talking with matt earlier, jewels.

Chrysler makes the wagoneer.

Fiat owns maserati.

You know effectively have maserati being built on the cheap wagoneer platform.

Why not?

I cannot wrap my head around that notion.

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