The Top Ten Stocks for Jan. 16

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Jan. 16 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Trish Regan, Adam Johnson and Matt Miller report on today’s ten most important stocks including J.C. Penney, AOL and BlackRock. (Source: Bloomberg)

Following almost two percent after reporting a net income dropped of 19% in the fourth quarter.

Revenue was down 13% last year.

At least they did better than expectations.

They beat the estimate -- are they didn't beat the estimate.

The reality is, the revenue is down.

Csx tumbling 7% today.

Analyst forecast beat ford the first time in three years.

It might be difficult to meet its own profit targets over the next few years.

The problem is cold.

There not as much demand for coal as people switch to natural gas.

Jcpenney down more than one percent, saying it will close 32 stores.

The department store chain has gone nine straight quarters without posting a profit.

I remember jcpenney at nine times.

What is the significance of nine?

I get it.

Number seven is intel, down nearly one percent.

The earnings report due out after the bell.

13.7 billion dollars in sales.

We will have those results coming up for you.

Aol rising 11% today.

I have reached a deal to sell a majority stake in its news division.

It has been part of a strategy to transform from a dollop provider to and advertising publisher.

Number five, seaworld jumping eight percent.

The movie blackfish did not receive an oscar nomination today.

We have great issue with the film.

We don't agree with the premise of the film.

It is bothersome to us for sure.

We just announced record fourth quarter and annual results for the company.

The penguin looks adorable.

Holding a penguin on the floor of the new york stock exchange, but keeping a gigantic whale in a tiny little tank all the time.

The penguin is not allowed to get out and walk around.

The whales were imprisoned.

That is not cool.

Blackrock shares up a little bit here today after fourth quarter ross -- profit rose.

The company boosted its quarterly dividend by 15%. i hear the closing bell in the background.

Hewlett-packard gained two percent.

The firm says hewlett and packard is committed to rewarding shareholders with buyback and dividends.

We don't need to let the bell dictate.

It is just the belt.

I am getting yelled at by producers.

Citibank says a slump in bond trading entry bid to their miss.

And number one of the day, best buy.

A bad day for best buy.

Biggest plunge in the s&p 500, as you might expect.

Same-store sales fell during the holiday season.

We will have more on that plunge in a little bit coming up in the

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