The Top Ten Stocks for Jan. 15

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Jan. 15 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg's Trish Regan, Julie Hyman and Adam Johnson report on today's ten most important stocks including GM, Apple and Bank of America. (Source: Bloomberg)

Down 1% after saying its 2013 profit will modestly improved as it introduces its 15 uber frustrated vehicles in the u.s.. this is as mary vara officially takes the coc.

A real changing of the guard over there.

The sock about fox.

Thus -- let's talk about fox.

This one is dropping out -- dropping about 5% today.

Profit and revenue fell short of analyst forecasts.

Number eight is x one, down nearly new) sent.

It cut its revenue forecast for the year.

I think it is the second in two days for this type of company to cut its forecast.

They say the reduction was caused by the delayed sales of its machines to customers in russia, mexico and france.

Petsmart shares dropping.

Credit suisse downgraded the retailer.

It says company is vulnerable to lower traffic as customers deal with that winter weather.

There's so much stuff now online.

Do you necessarily need to go to has mark?

Arrow post all is up about -- aeropostale is up about 1%. they contacted at least two privately firms.

Number five is apple, up about 2%. dina mobile says pre-orders of the iphone has reached one million units ahead of sales.

China mobile and apple reached a distribution deal last month after six years of negotiations.

It took a while.

So this will be big for the next quarter.

Parks you realize -- you realize that china mobile has more subscribers than america has people.

Is that big.

It is incredible.

There is also a much smaller news item.

Apple reached a settlement with parents who sued the company about the ability of children to buy things on apps without getting parental permission.

So apple will pay $32.5 million to settle this.

That's good.

That actually happened to you, right?

They certainly tried.

They try all the time.

But you have to enter a password and they haven't figured out the password yet.


Give them a year.

Stan 2% after a court struck down rules about internet content.

Internet providers will not charge per -- charge netflix.

The company's nesler ship -- the cubbies listenership will increase even in spite of the recent concerns about competition.

Let's number two is regeneron.

Analysts put the stock rating to outperform because of valuations.

The drugmakers pipeline value will take longer to realize profits.

All right, let's get to our number was stock of the day.

It happens to be bank of america.

Climbing 2%, the highest since 2010. one reason for the jump in earnings is that it is reducing the number -- the amount of money is paying due to the decrease in mortgages.

[bellringing] seaworld ringing the bell there.

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