The Top Ten Stocks for Jan. 14

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Jan.14 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg's Trish Regan, Julie Hyman and Adam Johnson report on today's ten most important stocks including Google, Tesla and Time Warner Cable. (Source: Bloomberg)

A record fourth quarter, record gains, the cfo coming up in just a few minutes.

Number nine, intel, the chipmaker has a new strategy.

A 3-d printing company in michigan had its forecast fall short.

They will be investing in marketing programs.

The pharmaceutical company teamed up with aetna to document the new benefits of the fda approved weight loss prescription drug, combined with lifestyle support.

What you do need is what google bought, the search provider agreeing to by messagelabs -- buy nest labs.

If you're cold out, but what a warm walk home, you can up the thermostat in your house when it is warm by the time you get there.

$3.2 billion in valuation.

Out of nowhere.

We know that google it is wedding to get further into the device market -- is wanting to get further into the device market.

Google is something that is trying to interact with consumers, whether it is google glass, or the thermostat.

There are a couple of guys that worked at apple, and they got back into google ventures.

None survived -- number five, gamestop, they video game retailer is cutting its forecast , edit gross margins from the play station for and the xbox one consuls.

This is where we need matt miller.

You're not into video games?

I am the worst.

I would not know, i have not played a videogame in -- i am unable to plant.

And he is really good.

Global sales results for 2013 show a narrowing lead over both like and -- over volkswagen.

Got a habit.

That is a good-looking truck.

The electric carmaker says that it has delivered 6900 model s sedan.

They are pretty announcing plans to double sales and service locations in 2014. number two, jpmorgan.

There is a little change.

7.0% in the fourth quarter with rising legal cost.

Or was a billion-dollar settlement tied to bernie made off's ponzi scheme.

Time warner cable.

They had a takeover offer from time warner.

-- from charter communications.

The ceo says that it was a lowball offer.

Coming up on street smart, we

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