The Top Ten Stocks for Jan. 13

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Jan. 13 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Trish Regan, Julie Hyman and Adam Johnson report on today’s ten most important stocks including Ford, Twitter and Wendy’s. (Source: Bloomberg)

Version of the top-selling f150 truck at the detroit auto show.

Alan mulally tells matt miller he is confident in the country's decision.

That is incredible.

The best-selling pickup in u.s. history.

Twitter is up one percent.

$65 is the target stock price.

Number eight is quicksilver, down 3%. it is being sold to charity for $19 million.

They plan to use the proceeds to pay back debt and invest in emerging markets.

The drop in holiday shopping traffic was deeper than anticipated.

Consumers waited until much closer to christmas to shop.

Wendy's jumped about 6% today.

The forecast beat analyst estimates.

Wendy's also announcing a share buyback program and expects 235 million dollars in proceeds from the sale of more than 400 separate restaurants.

Number five, searching on news it is being bought by japanese beer maker.

Products include jim beam and maker's mark.

It will create the world's third-largest premium spirits company.

Beside the premium inventory, it is an interesting cultural matchup.

You have this japanese country that makes high-end japanese whiskey.

Then you have this other company.

It will be interesting culturally.

I think there will be a lot of appeal for maker's mark oversees.

You may see a lot of appeal for japanese whiskey back here at home.

20 times cash flow, that is an expensive price.

But we are talking about makers mark here.

Number four, mgm is flat right now.

Bank of america upgraded to buy from neutral.

It completed its longest streak of weekly gain since february 2012. soda stream reports preliminary earnings that missed estimates.

It says lackluster holiday sales and increased product costs will hit them.

Number two is gold corp., down almost one percent.

Its deal would add 10 million ounces of gold reserves.

Are number one stock of the day, lululemon dropping to its lowest level in two years.

The company is cutting its revenues and earnings forecast for the fourth quarter.

It says sales and traffic have decelerated meaningfully since the beginning of january.

One analyst said on the show to me that the reason they were having -- it is still amazing the guy actually said that.

He is no longer chairman of the company.

Sales are really struggling and have an image issue they have to deal with.

Then you have nike and him are -- under armour.

So off 1.25% there on the s&p.

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