The Top Ten Stocks for Friday, Sept. 27

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Sept. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Betty Liu, Olivia Sterns and Julie Hyman report on today's ten most important stocks including Electronic Arts, GM and BlackBerry. They speak on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

You need to know about today.

Olivia sterns joins in.

Let's start with number 10, electronic arts.

The videogame publisher agreed to settle a lawsuit by student athletes over the use of the images in video games and cancel its college football title for next year.

Ea said it is evaluating its plan for the future of the franchise.

At number nine, general motors unveiled its latest generation of pickup trucks set to go on sale next year as the new 2015 model heavy duty trucks which have not been redesigned since 2006 generated an estimated 16% of the company possible warnings last year.

Number eight is jcpenney.

Hours after saying he was pleased with its turnaround, they announced the sale of 84 million shares.

The shares are down nearly 50% for the year.

The offering is pricing at $9.65. number seven, jpmorgan.

The bank is moving closer to reaching a multibillion-dollar settlement with the justice department over investigations tied to mortgage bonds.

Jamie dimon met with attorney general eric holder in washington yesterday to discuss potential $11 billion deal.

Number six, facebook.

The social networking giant crossed the $50 threshold for the first time yesterday as the stock continued its rise.

It has been looking for ways to beef up mobile advertising efforts, a major revenue driver, as still it is number two in the market behind google.

A japanese company tries to streamline its operations after two years of losses.

After the deal, kkr will own 80% of panasonic health care.

Number four is accenture.

The technology consulting of any reported fourth-quarter earnings that were in line with analyst estimates, but it issued a dismal forecast for next year.

Accenture cited a mounting challenge for providers of i.t. services, mostly out of india.

Number three, finish line.

Shares are surging after the retailer awarded double-digit -- reported double-digit revenue growth and earnings that came above analyst estimates.

Compare that to foot locker's meager two percent gain.

Nike, we heard from them as well.

They posted a first-quarter profit that topped analyst estimates.

They said the results were driven by higher demand for running and basketball shoes, which helped to fuel sales in north america within its largest market.

Number one, blackberry.

Another bleak day for the struggling smartphone maker, which officially announced second-quarter results this money.

Like barry reported any or one billion-dollar earnings loss and 45% drop in sales, in line with last week's warnings.

Joining us from chicago is the senior market analyst at trading advantage.

We are taking the -- we are ticking closer to a government shutdown and am surprised the market have not reacted as violently as you would've thought.

What is going on here?

As a traitor, your bachelor to follow price action, not your opinion or what other people think.

The markets know better.

If you look in the markets, 17.05 is what we closed on the s&p last friday.

Keep an eye on the support levels.

We have come back to the weekly support and this is where the market was before the breakout rally last week.

You alluded to the key point -- we are not getting any flight to quality in bonds or the dollar.

If you remember back in 1995, 1996, i was a traitor on the

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