The Top Ten Stocks for Friday, November 22

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Nov. 22 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Betty Liu, Scarlet Fu and Julie Hyman report on today's ten most important stocks including Nordic American Tankers, Pandora, and Microsoft. They speak on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

With the top 10. these are the only traits you need to know.

Really hyman joins us -- trades you need to know.

Julie hyman joins us.

Lionsgate has "catching fire," which should real in $100 million or more.

Novartis says repurchases will begin immediately.

At number 8 we have nordic american tanker's. a will finance investment -- nordic american tankers.

They will finance and investment.

Time warner cable's cfo says any hypothetical -- hypothetical deal will have to make sense for shareholders.

Intel announced plans to provide increased access to its manufacturing plants to other chip makers to boost its revenue sources.

Union pacific will repurchase 60 million shares over four years.

That is effective january 1. at number 4 is twitter.

It will decline over the next six months according to a new bloomberg whole of investors.

Some analysts have rated twitter a cell -- a csell.

Number three is herbal life.

Strategy talks will be sought with management to fend off bill ackman, who has accused herbal life of being a pyramid scheme.

Pandora reporting a loss for the quarter.

It reported profits that met estimates.

Active users fell, but hours listened to actually rose.

Number one, microsoft.

The xbox 1 gaming console debuts today, a week to the day after sony introduced its new playstation 4. it is being marketed as a living room set top box for watching tv and streaming video.

If you are a big gamer, get your xbox 1. let's bring in bob from the cme.

He is a strategist.

We are here at record highs for the dow at 16,000. does that mean anything to you?

It is nice for public sentiment.

Given the reasons why we got here, we have seen pretty fair price to earnings ratio.

Avenue growth is not where it should be.

Academic numbers are still tepid.

/the rally is getting a little bit tired.

Yellen is going to be dovish is the rally that we got.

What do you do?

Equity wise from the standpoint of the industry, you do not do much at all.

We look at trades from risks to

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