The Top Ten Stocks for Friday, July 25

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July 25 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Alix Steel, Olivia Sterns, and Julie Hyman report on today's ten most important stocks on "In The Loop."

With the top 10. the only stories you need to know about.

We will kick it off with number 10, soda stream shares falling in the free market after news that the soda maker might be in talks with an investment firm about going private.

The transaction would value the company at about $40 a share, $ 828. it was up a lot yesterday, coming off.

The aftermath.

I'm a big soda stream person.

Me, too.

Not yet, despite scarlett johansson's efforts.

Drugmaker beating estimates.

Abbvie's second-quarter profit rose 2.8% on strong sales of one of the best arthritis drugs in the world.

Shares of the world's largest network falling in the premarket, 11% jump in quarterly profit as more people use plastic instead of cash to make purchases.

A reduce in revenue forecast for the rest of the year.

Pandora shares falling in the premarket.

It raises is 2014 outlook.

Listener growth missed estimates.

Ever jeffrey said the weakness and shares is a buying opportunity.

I recently got into pandora.

You're a leading indicator.

Number six, ugg and teva maker rises from hold to buy.

Jeffries' 12 month target is $130. exxon mobil runs out of fuel, barclays downgraded it from underway to equal weight, saying it faces headwinds from the lack of near-term production.

Starbucks bringing in another strong quarter with earnings rising 23%. coal reaction, shares falling in the premarket on concerns plans to open more stores and hiring gradient prices might weigh on growth.

Home away investors, a warm welcome after its latest earnings report.

The ceo is raising its revenue outlook for the current quarter and full-year jim by strength online.

A potential acquisition, zillow and trulia could change the landscape of the real estate industry.

Seeking to buy trulia for as much as $2 billion in cash and stock.

I could be announced as soon as next week.

Reporting a 22% jump in sales in the second quarter, so i lots of $ -- saw a loss of $126 million, more than double what was expected.

We dive deeper into the results in a few moments.

As you begin to trade, you sure the opening bell.

I bring in the chief investment strategist at blackrock.

I want to get into an op-ed he wrote for "financial times." "much of the global unrest this year has not been directly linked to near-term economic or earnings growth.

As such, should have little significance for the global economy." why?

The main reason, when you think about why have investors been so willing to look past the geopolitical risk.

There are a number of reasons.

One of them, central-bank policies cap volatility very low.

Second, people were conditioned by the dip.

There has not been a direct link between the events in europe, some events in the middle east,

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