The Top Ten Stocks for Friday, July 19

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July 19 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Trish Regan, Julie Hyman and Michael McKee report on today's ten most important stocks including Whirlpool, Intuitive Surgical and . They speak on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

Shares are in the green ahead of the open as it raises its earnings outlook for the year.

Renewed optimism about market trends.

Number nine, time warner cable.

Are soaring in the premarket.

Speculation the charter and bill malone are working on a bid for the giant.

Number eight, chipotle.

People are not buying computers, but they are buying doritos.

Profits topped analyst's estimates.

Sales rose 5.5%. analysts were only looking for a gain of 3.8%. a few items now offered a chipotle.

They started offing -- offering tofu fillings.

Number seven, web m.d.. investors optimistic about the online medical diagnostic site.

The hedge fund reported taking a 5.2% stake.

Number six, honeywell.

The aerospace company has the street buzzing.

Second quarter profits topping estimates.

Introducing new products, such as natural gas filters.

Intuitive medical.

Shares are down 12% in the premarket.

Its medical devices include that da vinci robot.

It got a warning letter from the fda as well, reducing its sales forecast.

His and effectiveness of that robot -- safety and effectiveness of that robot under scrutiny.

Advanced micro devices, number four.

Number three, microsoft.

They do not sell doritos.

Running microsoft windows software, causing fourth-quarter profits to miss analyst estimates by the largest margin in a decade.

Shares of the computer company still suffering in the premarket.

Has anyone seen a surface tablet?


also, another company that is a bit reliant on what happens with pc's, google.

The company revealed the world has moved to mobile devices it is what is hurting the search engines average advertising prices.

Number one, general electric.

The global company reported its second-quarter profit and $.36 per share.

Ge got a boost from a record order backlog for it's a jet engines and for oil and gas

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