The Top Ten Stocks for Friday, July 11

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July 11 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Betty Liu, Julie Hyman and Matt Miller report on today's ten most important stocks on "In The Loop. (Source: Bloomberg)

Top 10. these are the stories you need to know today.

Matt stays in julie hyman joins in.

Let's start with number 10. the company that sells industrial and construction supplies said that its earnings rose nearly 8%, but revenue fell short.

They identified additional stores that will close in the second half.

India's second-largest company posted earnings that beat analyst estimates.

Infosys maintained its full-year forecast.

Shares of the athletic company fall.

Procter & gamble.

Downgraded shares of the consumer product maker from outperform a fundamental lack of progress.

Joe's jeans.

Shares of the high-end jeans maker that i have never heard of sword in the free market -- soared in the free market.

Analysts have a price target of $1.70. you've never heard of joe's? it such an expensive talk -- stock, you think it would have heard of it.

Matt, you are out of the loop here.

You've heard of this one, matt.

The gap.

The retailer posted to the unexpected drop that missed estimates.

Sales of the flagship jeans and a banana republic both to sell -- fell 7%. number four is amazon.

The e-commerce giant is getting serious about the drone delivery system.

The formally asked the government to test the system.

Amazon has been conducting drone test flights in doors and other countries.

Number three is rent-a-center.

They delivered reports well below estimates.

Suffering demand and economic rushers.

The cigarette maker confirms that it is in talks to buy.

If the deal is reached, it would create a company with more than $13 billion in annual sales.

Wells fargo.

For the first time since 2009, wells did not increase its earnings per share from a prior quarter, ending a 17 corridor winning streak.

The results marked the kickoff of bank earnings.

The market kicks off trading.

I want to bring in jeff rosenberg.

Despite the recent comments from fed officials that they're worried about inflation, jeff has not changed his views on a slower economic recovery.

Is that right?

Well, it is right in terms of what we recently heard.

We have to look forward a little bit, in terms of what we're worried about and what we think might get.

The fed remains a pretty dovish

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