The Top Ten Stocks for Friday, Dec. 27

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Dec. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Betty Liu, Alix Steel and Julie Hyman report on today's ten most important stocks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

With the top 10. these are the only traits you need to know about.

Julie hyman is joining in.

Number 10 is herbalife.

The target was raised to $90. analysts maintain that they are outperforming.

There shares are up more than 130%. number nine is 3-d systems.

Shares closed at a 52-week high.

Stock is up 150%. number eight is general motors.

The chinese partner will recall cars due to a problem that could lead to fuel leaks.

This is one of the biggest recalls.

Number seven is microsoft.

Chinese mobile phone makers are worried about their purchase of nokia.

They have asked regulators to make sure that the deal will not result in higher patent these poor wireless technology.

Number six is toll brothers.

The ceo is telling -- selling shares.

He is selling 50,000 shares.

They are up 12% this year.

They're the best performer.

In their group.

Number five is disney.

They are building a hotel on the island nation of hong kong.

Disneyland hit 92% in the year 2012. no timetable has been set.

Number four is apple.

The tech giant is seeking to ban sales of samsung electronics products.

They were not issued in california.

They're no longer on the market.

A judge asked to bar the sale of more than -- of samsung tablets that infringe on apple's patent.

Number three is a merger.

Tektron is buying beechcraft 41 $.4 billion.

This will help them to boost their propeller driven planes.

Number two is amazon.

They said that this would be the best holiday season ever.

More than 36 million items were ordered on cyber monday alone.

Amazon also added one million customers to its prime program.

We talked about enough rainbow looms to go around the globe.

Number one is twitter.

A broke their own record.

Shares are on a tear.

They have surged more than 20% just this week.

It was just last month that they have their ipo.

They have cut their shares to underperform from neutral.

Joining me is the owner of can i capital.

Many people are saying we're going to continue the rally into next week.

You have a warning to investors on what?

I am warning investors on bonds.

Nobody seems to be talking about the fact that the 10 year bond yield just ticked over three percent.

This is a big deal.

If you want to do rail a stock rally, if you want to derail this turnaround in economic growth, have rates go up.

Simple as that.

Investors have to be having an eye on rates.

That could absolutely change the game.

The bubble does not exist in equities.

The bubble is in the global debt market.

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