The Top Ten Stocks for Friday, April 4

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April 4 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Betty Liu, Alix Steel and Scarlet Fu report on today’s ten most important stocks on Bloomberg Television's “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

In stocks.

Flat road in hourly earnings and lack of downward movement in unemployment reminds investors the federal reserve has cut your breathing room.

The taper continues, but rate hikes remain in the distance.

These are the only trades you need to know about today.

Scarlett stays with me and alix steel joins.

Philip morris -- the tobacco giant says it will shut down its manufacturing plant in the netherlands, the largest production company worldwide, saying sales volumes in europe have plummeted 20% in the last four years.

Number nine, anadarko petroleum, paying more than $400 million to settle fraud claims.

It is the largest environmental settlement one by the u.s. government.

Number eight is google.

Not labs has suspended sales of a smoke alarm after discovering that it could be switched off unintentionally.

Google bought next intent -- nest in february.

Apple -- they are accusing sampson of misleading jurors at the start of a trial over smartphone technology.

Losses bid to show how they used three of five pence.

Mixed results for global payments.

They maintain their revenue forecast.

Number five, online technology, -- align technology, who make the invisible line technology.

Number four, gm.

The company said deliveries in china rose nearly 8% last month driven by demand for buick and cadillac vehicles.

Gm lost the title of china's foreign automakers in 2013 hoping 19 new worry fresh tomatoes will use sales by 10%. number three, carmax, reporting their biggest annual jump in same-store sales in more than decade, saying they sold more than 500,000 vehicles in a single year for the first time ever.

Number two, micron technology , the largest u.s. maker of microchips, beat analyst estimates as limited supply that did rises amid lackluster computer and phone demand.

Number one, grubhub, the online food delivery service

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