The Top Ten Stocks for Feb. 5

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Feb. 5 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Adam Johnson, Julie Hyman and Cristina Alesci report on today’s ten most important stocks including Myriad Genetics, Disney and Time Warner. (Source: Bloomberg)

10, here we go.

Time warner, up about one percent as the company beat fourth-quarter profit.

Cable and satellite companies pay more to its programming.

And whether it is game of thrones or basketball, they are on the way to the bank.

Number nine, myriad genetics after reporting the last quarter is on the rise.

Also after buying a maker of autoimmune disorders medicine.

And number eight, 3-d missed estimates.

And twitter is down about one percent today.

The company is set to release its first earnings report after the bell.

That report is literally minutes away.

And number six, because he knows it must vegas.

Gambling revenue growth is down.

It has climbed at the slowest pace since october, 2012. number five, buffalo wild wings dropping nine percent on mixed forth -- fourth-quarter results.

Morgan stanley knows that minimum-wage hikes and wing costs could put pressure on the company.

They look so good.

To you, maybe.

They look messy.

Did you go into a buffalo wild wings last work -- last quarter?

Did you purchase wings?

Not at buffalo wild wings.

But the point is, this company missed because people are not going in and buying as many wings.

There is a line every time i pass it at the terminal at jfk.

Can you imagine if somebody brought those on the plane?

I went into subway dividend and other day and somebody was eating sardines.

That is repulsive.

I am moving on.

Ralph lauren down about tree percent after posting a third-quarter profits.

It topped estimates.

Number three, estee lauder is dropping five percent after reporting second-quarter profits fell.

It upped its revenue forecast as the ceo told the wall street journal that demand is growing in particular in china and thailand.

Number two, gilead sciences falling four percent.

The world's largest maker of hiv medicine declined as forecast fell of its revenue for hepatitis c drugs.

Number one, disney.

Its stock is up one percent.

The company is getting ready for first-quarter results.

That will be in just a few minutes.

Analysts are looking for a

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