The Top Ten Stocks for Feb. 4

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Feb. 4 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Trish Regan, Adam Johnson and Matt Miller report on today’s ten most important stocks including Pfizer, UBS and Michael Kors. (Source: Bloomberg)

Take two.

Dropping nine percent as it is forecast.

They also posted a third-quarter be held by sales of grandpa thought of five.

That is matt miller's favorite game.

Climbing nearly three percent.

The firm is raising the stocks.

That will happen later this year.

The swiss bank returns for profit, ubs is held -- helped by higher earnings.

Lower legal costs.

The owner of kfc and taco bell posting fourth-quarter profits.

Growth in emerging markets as well as russia and france help bounce out sales in china.

Let's talk about zynga, more than two percent, and analyst raises his price target.

Raises his price target to six dollars.

The analyst is positive on zynga's natural motion.


You raise your target to six dollars.

Number five, jumping nearly 18% to a record.

It is using its full-year sales and profit forecast after customers in north america bought more of its product.

In today's surge, michael kors, the person and not the company, a billionaire.

He owns about two percent of the company.

It is amazing.

The session guys make so much money.

They can if they get it right.

Quest you think about how many guys do not get it right.

Michael cores -- michael cores -- they are right next to each other in the mall.

You look and find the bag you want.

Quest think about what you want.

The bag you want.

All right.

Moving on to number four, linkedin down one percent.

Shares to 60-to 80, and it is facing headwinds, including decelerating traffic and jobs data.

Sirius xm radio shares are down two percent of the satellite radio provider.

Revenue jumped 12% to one billion thanks to subscriber growth.

I have xm in my car.

It is good stuff.

It is the best.

Number two, jpmorgan, up one percent.

$543 million settlement.

Approved by a judge in new york.

Investors accused jbm of turning a blind eye to a ponzi scheme.

Quest number one, stock of the day, j.c. penney.

14%. the store chain says same-store sales rose just two percent in the fourth quarter, missing the average.

The game projected by analysts.

There we are on the own is -- closing bell.

What a difference a day makes.

Some of the losses crawling back

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