The Top Ten Stocks for Feb. 25

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Feb. 25 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Trish Regan, Julie Hyman and Matt Miller report on today’s ten most important stocks including Home Depot, LinkedIn and Tesla. (Source: Bloomberg)

They come they also raised its courtly dividend by 24% of $.47 per share.

Qwest number nine is martha stewart, living up eight percent after reporting fourth-quarter profits.

Revenue did not decline as quickly as expected.

The media and merchandising company has begun winding down, but probably not fast enough for most executives.

Qwest number eight is linkedin five percent of the network company needs to expand in china.

Chinese website will district content.

The union down more than one percent.

Under an investigation.

The western union says it is cooperating with the government and might face fines or damages.

Lumen brands of 14% after the owner of the out back steakhouse had fourth quarter income triple dared it has an fitted from a large gain tied to the acquisition of controlling states and it's resilient operations.

Bloom and onion.

A lot of good company names today.

I love martha stewart living -- on the media.

Shares of the owner, 35% after the company gave its first earnings report after going public in november.

It expects first-quarter sales of $225 million, above the average analyst estimate.

It caters in particular to moms.

No wonder i have never heard of it.

You are familiar with a lot otherwise?

Is a like a daily deal thing?

Every hour.

Either way.

They sell kid stuff and stuff to moms.


Number four, office depot, shares have fallen nine percent.

Seven cents per share in the fourth quarter.

Analysts on average have predicted a profit of three cents per share.

Tesla 13% as morgan stanley doubles its price of $300. it is gearing up for further growth.

56% this year.

There are a billion other things going on with the company we will talk about later in the hour.

Qwest number two, down only about half a percent.

Orders decline in the first quarter from a year earlier.

Demand hurt sales during the quarter.

Bad weather.

Another company, retail and home builders.

Everybody is talking about the bad weather.

Bad weather, we will blame it all on the weather.

It make sense.

Here's another one.

Climbing five percent after beating fourth-quarter profits.

Macy's results come on the heels of a solid but competitive holiday shopping season for the company.

We're coming up on the close of trading.

1844 seems to be the level we

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