The Top Ten Stocks for Feb. 21

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Feb. 21 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Matt Miller, Julie Hyman and Olivia Sterns report on todays’ ten most important stocks including Barnes & Noble, Groupon and Fannie Mae. (Source: Bloomberg)

At number 10 on the dish network is up over 1% as new subscriber group remaining sluggish they added just 8000 new subscribers in the corridor and analyst were looking for 21,000. number nine, shares are up two percent as juniper announced plans to return $3 billion to shareholders and cut expenses.

Number eight, marvel technology even though they jumped in profit as demand continues to improve.

They were softer than expected and mobile.

Number seven is seagate up more than 1% after raising its rating from outperform to sector perform.

Improving pc market is the possibility that share buybacks will boost this year.

Number six, intouit exceeding analyst estimates and they say sales of the turbotax online program grew 11% during the quarter.

Barnes & noble jumping after they proposed buying 51% of the company valuing the struggling bookmaker at $22 per share.

It is extremely confident that separating the nooks segment would boost shareholder value.

They on about a 5% stake in their the second largest shareholder.

They already tried to buy the company for about $20 per share so they are upping their offer but they have also put forward another proposal to justify the note business.

There are questions about the assets ability to even make this kind of offer, financing, and you can see the shares are rising, nowhere close to this offer price.

It's fallen a lot in valuation.

There have already been a lot of proposals to break up the company including from the founder.

You have to wonder what it is worth.

Sales are falling because of the kindle and ipad.

The three of us could pool our allowances him by barnes & noble.

Does anybody have a nook?


when leonard gives up, that is that.

Four, charter communications down 5% despite posting its first courtly profit in five years.

They lost out to comcast and its bid to buy time warner cable that they're still interested in widely acquiring subscribers.

Fannie mae up more than 0.5% after posting an eighth straight quarterly profit.

It looks like they're closing down on the day.

Fannie mae has paid back a total of $114 million to the government -- $114 billion to the government so they are really earning a shocking amount of money.

I had not realized they earned $84 billion in profit over the last year.

Quicken nobody expected them to return that much money.

Hewlett-packard is down.

Meg whitman said the restructuring program is on track and customers have a lot more confidence.

Number one, groupon, shares plunging 21% after they had a profit forecast trailing estimates.

Hiring or acquisitions and marketing will hurt profits.

Though shares are ending down a lot.

Maybe the u.s.-canada hockey

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