The Top Ten Stocks for Feb. 20

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Feb. 20 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’ Trish Regan, Julie Hyman and Matt Miller report on today’s ten most important stocks including Hewlett Packard, Facebook and Tesla. (Source: Bloomberg)


It is time for your top 10. walmart is number 10. the company's new ceo is trying to revise same-store sales growth after lower food stamp -- four straight quarterly declines.

Qwest they have not affected walmart's bottom line.

Down two percent even after fourth-quarter profit rose 37%, output from nuclear and coal -- transcanada currently awaiting 5.4 billion dollar keystone xl oil pipeline.

Qwest number eight is safeway.

Shares are up more than one percent.

Number seven is hewlett-packard come up two percent.

The company reports its latest earnings.

Analysts are looking at earnings for 84 cents per share.

Keep it here for results.

We will have those for you momentarily.

Number six, situate symptoms rising six percent.

It may be able to increase value by repurchasing its own stock, starting a dividend or committing to operating margin expansion.

Tesla gaining a percent after the model x sudan -- it will produce it -- 56% more of the model asked this year.

Deliveries will increase of 35,000 this year from about 22 point 5000 last year.

The shares are at a record again.

It is important to look at what is limiting it to only 56% expansion.

It cannot get enough batteries.

It is going to try to make its own new factory to produce as many batteries at one factory as are produced in the entire world otherwise.

A giga factory.

If they could produce more factories, they could sell more cars.

Qwest there is demand.


They are operating at full capacity.

We were just talking about activist investors earlier.

Up nearly two percent.

Renewing the call for the company to split up its average and snacking.

He was highly disappointed and will take the case directly to investors.

Qwest number three is apple, down one percent.

The market share in china declined from nine percent a year earlier according to research firms.

Samsung maintained its lead over competitors as it increased its market share to 19% from 17%. qwest number two is directv come up about three percent, saying it will buy back $3.5 billion worth of stock.

The provider is seeking more growth in the u.s.. also added 93,000 pay-tv subscribers during the fourth quarter.

Here we are on our number one stock of the day.

We are going with facebook.

Shares are up almost 2.5% after the world's is biggest social network said it will pay $12 billion in stocks, $4 billion in cash, and $3 billion in shares for what's app.

It happens to be the largest internet deal we have seen since time warner 124 billion dollars merger with aol in 2001. here we are at the close of trading.

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