The Top Ten Stocks for Feb. 19

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Feb. 19 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Trish Regan, Julie Hyman and Matt Miller report on today’s ten most important stocks including Six Flags, U.S. Steel and Tesla. (Source: Bloomberg)

After the biggest casino operator on the las vegas strip says it lost in the fourth quarter.

They're trying to gamble and macau.

Mgm has really started to develop a presence in macau and that is critical.

And they are starting to recovery.

-- starting to see a recovery.

Ask how do they lose money?

The house wins overnight.

Apparently they don't, if you watch my documentary, you will find out how you can win.

That one guy wins but i always lose.

Garment, the maker of navigation systems reported a gain in profits helped by strong demand for its aviation and fitness products.

Garment issued a better-than-expected outlook for 2014. eli lilly is up after a positive test results on new treatments.

Its lung cancer drug improved survival rates.

They plan to submit their first application to regulators this year.

Herbalife is down despite their forecast.

Sales in china doubled the score, the fastest anywhere worldwide.

It's doing well in china and venezuela.

That's awesome.

Number six is six flags, after reporting revenue rose in the fourth quarter, benefiting from higher admissions and a boost.

Two stocks -- signet and zale in the green.

Signet agreed to buy them, marking the biggest acquisition and strengthening its lead as the largest jewelry chain in the u.s. as about 1600 stores and the network go to 1900 out let's go buy signet.

Every mall in america has a jewelry store owned by signet.

He bought it at jared's -- those are the only three besides claire's boutique.

They are breaking through.

This is their demo.

They need to get you.

Panera bread up even after issuing a disappointing moffett for the current quarter.

Panera is also investing more in its restaurants.

Number three is carlyle.

Those shares up as the company reported profits more than tripled.

The value of its funds from -- dumped and the profits soared.

Jumping and soaring during the quarter.

Number two -- u.s. steel plunging.

The department of commerce rejected the claim that south korea is selling steel or dumping steel into the u.s. below cost.

The u.s. had that was depressing steel prices, but they say it is not the case.

Let's get to our number one stock of the day -- tesla up ahead of its fourth-quarter report.

Analysts were looking for a profit of $.26 a share.

Stay tuned for those numbers

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