The Top Ten Stocks for Feb. 18

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Feb. 18 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Trish Regan, Matt Miller and Julie Hyman report on today’s ten most important stocks including Big Lots, Duke Energy and Coca-Cola. (Source: Bloomberg)

Herbalife three percent right now.

Analysts surveyed are expect to hang earnings of 28 per share on revenues.

We will have full coverage and instant analysis of the report coming up.

Number nine, big lots gaining nearly two percent as deutsche bank upgrades.

By with a price target.

The recent pullback in shares.

Believe that big lots is in the early stages of a turnaround.

Number eight, voice management.

Posting a fourth-quarter loss and disappointing fourth-quarter loss -- outlook.

Number seven, duke energy trading flat right now.

The fourth quarter jumped on strong performance from overseas operations and announced plans to get out of the wholesale power generation business in the midwest.

Number six, d.r. horton and hold the homes both down as the gauge of homebuilder confidence declines by the most on record.

Bad weather dampened outlook for sales ahead of the spring home sailing -- home selling season and could slow the pace of home construction.

How to get out there and build a new house when snow is falling at the rate of a foot per day.

Not hard to go to a yoga class.

We will limit nearly up one percent.

Analysts upgraded.

-- lululemon.

There was another analyst that said some of the channel tracks are looking a little bit better.

Things could only get better for the company.

The chairman was one issue.

What about the quality of the closing?

Sales did not collapse.

They still have a very loyal courier -- core customer.

Many of the customers are very loyal.

Surely under armour and others make competitive yoga pants.

I hope a lot of people make different yoga pants.

Number four, fourth-quarter profit fell 23% after it took a charge related to an acquisition in 2012. becks that is a we ate deal or.

Quit kansas city southern dropping four percent after j.p. morgan cuts it from neutral to overweight.

Ashlyn down number two after following -- after agreeing to sell $1.8 billion to a private equity firm.

This comes six months after they disclosed a stake in the chemical maker.

Moving onto the number one stock of the day, coca-cola falling more than three percent.

This deepest drop in the dow today.

The recorder fourth-quarter profit.

The decline was more than four percent in the quarter.

Here we are for the closing

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