The Top Ten Stocks for Feb. 14

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Feb. 14 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Trish Regan, Julie Hyman and Alix Steel report on today’s ten most important stocks including Weight Watchers, GM and Trulia. (Source: Bloomberg)

That happened during today's session, don't worry, we have you covered.

Time for your top 10. energy shares down -- aig shares down after the company said it would cut about one third of its workforce.

The company divested and has to repay its bailout.

Cliffs natural resources rising nearly six percent as earnings beat estimates.

The australian facility actually fell during the quarter, a big deal for these guys.

The cheap operating -- the chief operating officer has been appointed ceo.

The maker of north face and wrangler apparel issued a week profit out of it -- outlook for the year, disappointing investors.

Gnc holdings down 14% as sales missed analyst targets.

The seller of vitamins and supplements was hurt by shopping season.

Number six, weight watchers, down 28%. the company posted a 47% drop in fourth-quarter earnings.

Membership sales continue to decline as rival services blue or more customers.

Diy dieting and fitness.

Number five, coty is up seven percent.

However, income fell in the mass fragrance categories.

Coty makes perfumes endorsed by celebrities like beyonce and lady gaga.

This has been an ongoing issue for some of these companies.

Cosmetics and perfumes have not been doing as well.

I have had the same perfume for like 10 years.

I don't change.

Let me tell you, the most brilliant marketing move ever.

When i gave birth to the twins, they gave me some chanel perfume in the hospital.

Chanel gave out goodie bags.

What hospital?

That's a new york city hospital for you.

But what was brilliant was you put it on and that baby you held next to you and you said this is my scent.

And i have been wearing it ever since.

Four years later.

Did you get perfume when you gave birth?


number four is general motors, gaining on news that haman bought shares of the automaker.

Meanwhile, another fund of increased its stake in gm in the end of last quarter.

Number three, occidental will split its california year net.

That will be the biggest oil and natural gas acreage holder in the state.

Number two, truly a falls after a jump in marketing expenses.

It will have a new campaign targeting customers using mobile devices.

Coming up on our number one stock of the day.

Campbell's beat revenue forecast.

In celebration of valentine's

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