The Top Ten Stocks for Feb. 13

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Feb. 13 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Trish Regan, Alix Steel and Julie Hyman report on today’s ten most important stocks including Goodyear Tires, Time Warner Cable and Pepsi. (Source: Bloomberg)

The only stock should need to know about.

Number 10 is whole foods.

Hosting profits trailed estimates, they lower their full-year guidance.

The company has been seeing more competition from natural food sellers.

Number nine, nvidia, forecasting first-quarter sales missing analyst reactions.

They say demand for cards used in high-end gaming computers will make up for the demand will stop rex sisko down three percent, third-quarter guidance disappointing investors.

A slump in demand from talking occasions companies will lead to a revenue drop of between six percent and eight percent.

But goodyear tire & rubber shares soaring right now after reporting fourth-quarter earnings that beat estimates.

Goodyear reaffirmed its financial targets for 2014. number six is pepsi -- shares down two percent after the company reported a fourth-quarter earnings beat and hiked it dividend.

Pepsi is also rejecting an activist investor proposal to split the company's beverage business from food.

Pepsi says it is exploring some sort of cold average at-home system like coke said it was doing with green mountain.

Discovery communications down 4% after guidance missed estimates.

But the operator of discovery and animal planet says higher income on higher advertising revenue.

The channels are very well known in the u.s. but it is its international is this that is doing very well.

It owns some channels in europe.

Discovery has a massive platform internationally.

They created all of this content that gets sold all around the world.

Locally, it is "say yes to the dress all stop i love it.

It's like crack.

It is the best thing ever.

It is a wedding show.

They get the dress and talk about it.

Speaking of tv, number four is cbs.

Shares up as the company reported better than estimated courtly profit and extended by back.

Cbs says it is licensing more shows to streaming services operated by amazon and hulu.

Rex number three, applied materials climbing after projecting sales would grow as much as 10%. the company has been seeing an increase in demand from companies that make memory chips.

Lex aig shares up 1%. the company reports after the bell.

Analysts estimate a profit of $.97 a share.

Stay tuned for those results.

Our number one stock of the day -- time warner cable jumping 7% and comcast has a beat -- has agreed to by the company for $45 billion, trumping any bid they had received from charter.

The sale will create the largest cable operator in the united states, so get ready for that.

If you did not like your cable company before, watch out.

Here we are coming up on the closing bell -- the dow jones industrial average ending the day up better than 60 points.

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