The Top Ten Stocks for Feb. 12

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Feb. 12 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Trish Regan, Julie Hyman and Alix Steel report on today’s ten most important stocks including Home Depot, Toyota and Apple. (Source: Bloomberg)

Need to know about.

Today, your top 10. ebs -- cvs gaining.

And analysts surveyed by bloomberg, they are looking at 76% on revenues at 3.8 billion.

Stay tuned and we will have those results.

All the after-hours earnings coming up for you.

Number nine, trip advisor jumping seven percent as fourth quarter beat analyst estimates.

53% came from advertising, which grew 17% from a year earlier.

Number eight is amazon.

Down three percent after the company's ratings were lower.

A potential risk for revenue for amazon prime.

Number seven, shares are up three percent.

The fashion assessor a designer reports earnings.

It sold more watches his -- watches and jewelry.

Home depot plans to hire more than 80,000 temporary employees to prepare for the spring.

That is the same number it hired in the previous two years.

After a winter like we are having, everyone will be excited to get outdoors.

Number five is toyota, down a fraction, one third of one percent.

The recalling -- they are recalling one million hybrids worldwide.

Toyota says a software glitch could cause the vehicle to slow down or bring it to a halt.

No injuries reported related to the problem.

Class caught on fire, different degrees, dangerous cars.

A number of good pr things to have a recall.


And a car.

I have this conception of previous owners as pretty devoted, especially the early adopters of the prius.

Toyota has the other recall.

My parents have a toyota and they have -- next time, they said they are buying american.

They have been driving a toyota since before i was a baby.

Most people are the opposite way.

Class they are behind the times.

Class number four is dow chemical down after saying the plan would reduce its value.

The last hour, we learn third point is currently seeking costs with dow's board.

My least favorite ad in the olympics, down one percent after they cut forecast for profit and sales growth.

The currency change rate fluctuations are cited.

It is like, thank mom, who cares about that?

Moms of the best.

It made me angry.

My mom was there for me.

She did cooking and cleaning.

Nowhere to be found.

Make a commercial with the dad.

You know their demography.

Dad's change hampers to.

I can speak for my household.

In mind, they did.

Beer is down.

The company predicts higher reduction sales will help offset some of the declining offsets.

There is the closing bell bringing us to the number one stock of the day.

It is apple.

Trading today, planning to introduce a new apple tv set-top box as early as april.

As april and also planning to add video content all according to people with knowledge of the matter.

Looking at the day, closing out

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