The Top Ten Stocks for Feb. 11

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Feb. 11 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Alix Steel, Julie Hyman and Olivia Sterns report on today’s ten most important stocks including CVS, Barclays and Sprint. (Source: Bloomberg)

Are getting you caught up on the only stocks that you need to know.

Number 10, cvs, rising on new medicine and new customers, reassuring investors that his this is can absorb the financial hit going from the decision to stop selling tobacco products.

Number nine, customers are becoming more confident that they are unlikely to extend the declines.

Number eight, settling patent litigations with its microelectronics, the company has entered into the prophet license agreement over infringement.

Number seven, falling six percent, the company develops and manufactures animal medicines and vaccines.

Results significantly trailed estimates, the stock is down the most since they spun off from pfizer last set -- last february.

That is probably why.

It is your fault.

Dropping seven percent, a loss for the fourth quarter, issuing a disappointing outlook, high raw milk prices and lower sales volumes are squeezing the margins.

Number five is barclays, the british bank saying they will cut as many as 12,000 jobs per year, including 800 senior bankers after their fourth quarter top it -- fourth-quarter profits tumbled after the boosted bonuses.

That is what perked up some years, the planning to up compensation ratios.

Which is unusual.

Other banks have not been doing that.

It is what you are supposed to do, right?

What anthony jenkins is saying is that we need to pick people so that they will eliminate 7000 jobs in the u.k., 220 in new york.

It makes a sort of sense, right?

You are worried that you're going to lose your job?

Maybe more people are willing to stay and you will get more money . that is what we are talking about in terms of these big banks.

If they are not paying them, why stay there?

Number four, conagra, jumping six percent, voyaging to lower volume for a few key consumer brands.

Soft sales for private brands.

Number three is turner communications, will change, nominating a full flight of 13 candidates.

This is their boldest move yet as they pushed forward.

Number two is general motors, up over one percent as sales in china rose to a record 12% last month, with monthly deliveries gaining 16% in the last 100,000 units.

The number one stock of the day?

[drumroll] sprint, after posting a narrower loss with better protected sales, the ceo had been working to revive growth of the carrier after its acquisition in july for 21.6 billion dollars.

We are coming up on the close, looking at a market that seems to be ending on the highs of the

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