The Top Ten Stocks for Dec. 9

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Dec. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Adam Johnson, Trish Regan and Matt Miller report on today’s ten most important stocks including Disney, Kraft Foods and American Airlines. (Source: Bloomberg)

Caught up on the only stocks you need to worry about.

Number 10, mcdonald's, the world's largest restaurant chain reported monthly figures that fell short of analyst estimates.

Falling for the fifth straight month in november, they posted their biggest monthly drop since set -- since february.

Morgan stanley is reducing their rating on the food producer citing milk prices.

Overweight, overweight with those last two stocks.

Number eight, qe resources, the company plans to spend 950 million dollars purchasing oil and gas properties in the midland sub basin in two west texas counties, helping them to increase production of high margin crude oil and natural gas.

Number seven, the former striker ceo, steven mcmillan, has been named to the top spot of the medical device maker, including two nominees of carl icahn in his settlement.

Mosaic is down two percent today, they have agreed to buy back about 2 million shares held by charitable trust associates.

Mosaic says the move represents a major step towards their goal of more efficient balance sheet management.

Number five, disney, down one percent even as the animated tale of "frozen," finally cools off "catching fire." cools off catching fire.

How can it do that?

I do not know, i have not seen it yet.

It led the hall with the box office over the weekend.

Taking away the hall from the lions gate hunger games sequel.

I saw it this weekend in imax.

What did you think?

I did not like the ending, but i liked it.

I'm going to guess that they will do part three in two parts.

Imagine milking this thing for all it is worth?

It has made how much in three weeks?

It had to have been good.

It got you to the movie theater.

Yes, it got me to the movie theater with that one.

Number four, abercrombie & fitch, martin jeffries gets a new contract tying compensation more closely with company performance.

Not that dude, the other dude, if you recognized him.

You are interrupting trish.

They have come under all of this fire.

Activist investors are trying to get him out.

You can interrupt me, if you want.

I do not want to interrupt either one of you.

Kraft food, thank you, up nearly two percent as morgan stanley upgraded the stock to overweight from equal weight.

They expected positive results from productivity restructuring efforts.

That is just harvard business school speak at its worse.

All right, number two?

You are interrupting again.

They have fda approval for a hep c pill.

There are $84,000 treatment leads a growing market for drugs that were fashionable.

[closing bell] bringing us to the number one stock of the day, american airlines group, creating the world's largest airline after the merger, rising on confidence that they can avoid the problems that drag down other mergers.

Here we are, again, a new record for the market, the dow jones

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