The Top Ten Stocks for Dec. 3

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Dec. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Adam Johnson, Trish Regan and Matt Miller report on today’s ten most important stocks including Abercrombie & Fitch, Tesla, GM and Ford. (Source: Bloomberg)

Time for the top 10. number 10, cyber monday sales surged.

E-commerce projected to be a big right spot in terms of this holiday shopping season.

You look at black friday spending declined.

That was up like 20% for cyber monday.


E-commerce the big winner.

Pop ash trading flat.

Cutting the global workforce i 18%. -- potash trading flat.

The job cuts will affect over 1000 people in canada.

Two years ago it was the must- have commodity.

Interesting that people in trinidad working at potash.

Number eight, rio tinto.

They will cut capital spending and have to about a billion dollars.

They will curb spending as the decade-long boom in metal prices joins fertilizer prices in sizzling.

Number seven, google.

Cutting prices by 10% and adding new features to some of the most popular cloud computing services.

They are looking to step up the competition with amazon and microsoft.

Nintendo dropping four percent.

The company's prospects for meeting the estimates for the year are dropping.

Sony and microsoft each sold more game consoles and 20 four hours then nintendo has sold in nine months.


Number five, krispy kreme plunging as investors lose their appetite for the donut chain.

The company reported 34% jump in third-quarter profits.

Revenues fell short of estimates.

Also issuing a down profit forecast for next year, noting week ms.


What is your world record for number of warm glazed donuts eaten off the conveyor belt?

The only time i eat fresh krispy kreme nowadays is in paris.

I can easily put on four or five.

I did have some over thanksgiving, but they were not warm and the lish i only had half of one.

If they are not straight off the belt, they are not as good.

It was a huge trend in london when i was living there.

I think the trend has died down a little bit.

They have a fantastic food section.


Brands down three percent.

Even as kfc hosted a surprise gain income store sales.

They are reiterating the forecast for again next year.

Abercrombie rallying more than five percent for the biggest gain in s&p 500. they will start a search for a new ceo and consider selling itself.

Engaged capital owns 400,000 share or less than one percent of shares outstanding.

They do not want that people wearing their close.

If you are fat, you cannot wear abercrombie.

Tesla number two surging 16%. the probe on the program name unless fires of tulsa -- tesla is unable to cause material damage.

Number 1 -- who could it possibly be?

At gm and ford.

Siding strong november sales mgm posting a 40% gain.

There is strong demand for the fusion midsize and hazmat was saying there is the concern about inventory levels being too high.

Here we are at the close of trading.

It could have been much worse.

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