The Top Ten Stocks for Dec. 26

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Dec. 26 (Bloomberg) – Bloomberg’s Trish Regan, Adam Johnson and Julie Hyman report on today’s ten most important stocks including FedEx, Amazon and Twitter. (Source: Bloomberg)

If you missed everything happened, we will kill you can't up.

It is -- we will get you caught up.

Number 10 is ebay.

A slowdown in sales.

We have researched saying ebay's increase from thanksgiving to the third week of december was slower than the 21% increase from thanksgiving to the second week of december.

Bolts eigen is up today.

The german automaker is poised to sell -- volkswagen is up today.

The german on the maker is going to invest -- automakers going to expand.

Number eight is fedex.

The stock is up.

It also reiterated a buy rating on the stock.

Fedex also said it had some shipping delays for christmas.

Nothing quite as bad as ups.

Number seven, t-mobile.

Two percent on reports it is going to raise funding for its planned purchase for softbank.

Print is going to buy a majority for about $20 million next year.

Oh yes, the old familiar situation.

Speaking of the situation, viacom is up a fraction.

"the wolf of wall street" should top the holiday box office with approximately $10 million in sales followed by "the hobbit." "wolf" is supposed to raise $30 million over the weekend.

$10 million is not a lot.

I want to see it.

But three hours is a lot of time.

I'll am happy to wait for it to video.

Or what do you say now?

On netflix.

When you can watch it on demand.

On dvd?

$10 million, that barry covers -- that barely covers leo's salary.

That was just the first day of christmas.

A good family picture.

Number five, amazon.

A record after amazon prime had a record setting holiday season.

According to the research firm channel advisor, people are not holding it against amazon they did not did their stuff.

Not in my house.

Amazon guarantees, guaranteed overnight delivery.

Number four.

Twitter, up almost five percent, another record high.

It is extending its five-day gain amid optimism the company has grown to expand sales in digital advertising.

We talked about it earlier.

A lot of people are skeptical, however.

Tesla gaining three percent on a report it will focus on opening more showrooms in china next year.

Hundreds of high-end cars have been ordered or pre-ordered in the country since the first to show room opened in september.

Number to his blackberry.

The stock is down nine percent as the cofounder walks away from a possible takeover plan.

Ok, here we are the close of trading, the number one stock of the day, ups.

Although it is managing the trade flat.

The shipping company says its

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