The Top Ten Stocks for Dec. 24

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Dec. 24 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Trish Regan, Adam Johnson and Matt Miller report on today's ten most important stocks on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)


Time warner cable gains 1% on news regulators are poised to remain hands off on mergers.

Lawyers say the regulatory and antitrust barriers would present a acquisition of time warner cable by any of their three largest competitors.

Good news -- at number nine, d.r. horton getting nearly 1% of the housing market data.

Kb home's, purchases of new homes exceeding projections in november.

Holding near a five-year high.

The housing recovery is gaining momentum as mortgage rates climb.

Number eight is blue mobile, shares falling 3%. analysts lowering its rating on the mobile video game maker.

The stock could pause in the near term due to concerns about performance of the company's upcoming game and the timing of future games.

Number seven, carlyle up nearly 2% after agreements to sell a stake in a hospital chain.

Medical part of one's 16 hospitals and employs 10,000 people in turkey.

Sony is down about 2%, the company selling its audio recognition software business called grace note to tribune for 170 million dollars.

This is part of sony's effort to shed units and focus on fewer profits.

Netflix shares down about 0.5% as they watch "turbo fast," the first program for kids.

This comes on a strong year for netflix, winning an emmy for house of cards.

I am so excited for the next season.

You love that show.

Really, i did not even know you are watching it.

It is so intense.

The people are so diabolical.

The characters -- you cannot imagine how manipulative these people are.

It is awesome to watch.

You should check out strike back.

Strike that, i do not know it.

I recommend it.

I go for disney shows.

Disney up more than 0.5%. bob iger's pay package strength despite strong financial performance.

$34.3 million.

Down from 37 and one million last year.

American express a fraction, they will pay at least $75 million to settle claims from u.s. financial regulators.

Government agencies say they used deceptive marketing practices to sell protect and services to credit card companies.

Jpmorgan flat.

Increased spending and withdrawal limits it imposed on 2 million customers who use debit cards at target during the retailers' data breach.

Cash withdrawals of as much as $250 a day are now possible.

As well as purchases of $1000 a day.

They should have used bitcoin.

All right, our number one stock of the day on this christmas eve is tesla.

Climbing more than 5% right now.

The model s sedan gets to keep its five-star rating for crashworthiness.

Next year, the highest this initial awarded by the national highway traffic safety administration.

The agency will send a review after fire is in washington state occurred when drivers struck metal to bring.

-- debri.

New highs for the dow and the

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