The Top Ten Stocks for Dec. 23

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Dec. 23 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Trish Regan, Adam Johnson and Julie Hyman report on today’s ten most important stocks, including Facebook, Twitter and Apple. (Source: Bloomberg)

Caught up on all the stocks you need to know about.

Number 10, facebook and twitter raising social media advertising optimism.

Marketers shift spending to mobile.

Bankamerica downgrades the memory chip maker to underperform.

Saying micron is one of the least preferred memory stocks.

I find this one notch if not 10 notches beyond absurd in irony.

The stock was up 240% this year and is one of the top three performers in the s&p 500. number eight, up about nine percent following upgrades by two analysts.

The company announced on friday that the fda has approved revised guidelines for its leukemia drug, allowing it to return to the market immediately.

It was up on friday and still riding that wave.

Number seven, slower mall traffic has resulted in higher than expected mark downs.

Let's talk about meredith corporation, gaining five percent.

It has agreed to pay 408 million dollars for tv stations.

It expands its foothold in television, decreasing its reliance on print, which has been struggling.

Number five, darden restaurants will push for big changes.

Last week saying it wants to spin off or sell off the red lobster business to boost value for shareholders.

One investor saying the red lobster spinoff was not enough.

It wants them to celebrate -- separate further.

Marriott has done that.

In other words, rezone the real estate underneath the restaurant.

People like these ideas that the activists are getting in and pushing for changes.

Number four, tiffany has been ordered to pay $449 million to swatch group.

The award does not affect tiffany's prospects, according to a couple of analysts.

It is a lot of money.

That is like an entire year's worth of net income.

It is a one-time charge, so it is done and over, moveon.

Buying to pipeline units for about a billion dollars, regions extending its operations in texas where crude oil production has surged since companies are able to access all that oil trapped in the shale.

Number two, and upgrade, with a more favorable earnings outlook for next year.

The number one stock of the day, can you guess?

Apple jumping four percent right now, the world's largest phone company taking pre-orders for christmas.

The phones will be available in stores on january 17, and here were are with another update for the s&p, a gain of .5% on

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