The Top Ten Stocks for Dec. 20

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Dec. 20 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Trish Regan, Adam Johnson and Matt Miller report on today’s ten most important stocks including Boeing, Oracle and T-Mobile. (Source: Bloomberg)

After reporting its first- quarter earnings.

Sort 68%. investments paid off.

But a slowdown in generic drug introductions helped boost profitability.

Navistar shares are falling.

The quarterly loss wider than analysts estimated all stop lower sales across all business segments during the fourth quarter.

I like drugs.

Arianne rallying about 70%. the company has received approval to relaunch its leukemia drug after addressing safety concerns raised by federal regulators in october.

Ariad plans to start selling the drug again.

Shares dropped after an irish company said it will pay roughly a billion dollars to buy a fellow drugmaker.

It develops drugs to treat a variety of rare diseases and conditions.

Boeing shares are rising two percent.

The playmaker books a big order for its planned 77x aircraft, which boeing will build later in the decade.

A lot of composite in this aircraft frame.

The jones group up five percent.

The owner of nine west and jones new york fashion has agreed to a $1.2 million takeover by sycamore partners.

It has struggled in recent years as department store sales stagnated.

I am trying to -- trish's favorite brand among those is stuart weitzman.

You are right.

How did you know that?

I know someone who works for stuart weitzman.

All the girls want her to help them get discounts.

Apparently it is hot.

Is it a shoe thing?

You do not even know what they make.

Shoes or handbags.

What else matters?

They make both.

I have both.

Number four is oracle.

About $1.5 billion.

It tries to boost growth and square off against, a formidable competitor, and adobe.

T-mobile gaining about 4%. exploring a deal with sprint to buy a majority of t-mobile next year.

They have discussed financing with bank such as credit suisse and goldman sachs.

This deal keeps spinning around.

Carmax plunging 10%. the used car dealership chain reporting quarterly profit that missed analyst estimates.

It says third-party lenders are getting stricter on subprime loans, closing the cash.

The stock had climbed 21%, outpacing the s&p, but it was punished today.

Number one start of the day on this friday afternoon is red- hot, searching 14%. software company, raising its sales forecast.

Red hat reporting sales growth and strong demand for core technologies.

We had an incredible gdp number today, 4.1% revised for the last

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