The Top Ten Stocks for Dec. 2

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Dec. 2 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Adam Johnson, Trish Regan and Julie Hyman report on today’s ten most important stocks including Groupon, Bank of America and Amazon. (Source: Bloomberg)

All that happened during today's session, don't worry.

We are getting you caught up with everything you need to know about.

In the top 10, planning to separate its chlorine-related assets, billions in revenue, dow chemical.

It is a shift towards higher- margin activity.

We are actually going to get more on this story from the ceo shortly on "street smart." and shares falling as the world's largest iron ore miner cut its investment for the third straight year, vale selling assets and cutting costs and boosting dividends as it tries to focus on improving returns at existing operations.

It has not been easy.

At number eight, you know lever.

They say the slowdown -- uni lever, which says they have a slowdown.

Number seven, in october, tal isman energy surged.

Let's talk about twitter, down nearly 2%. deutsche bank and goldman sachs both initiating, others giving them a neutral rating.

Bank of america starts coverage on twitter with an underperform.

And investors are voting underperform, as well.

And even as "catching fire" continues to burn up the box office, lions gate.

There is the new disney animated movie "frozen," and "catching fire," its gross was higher than anticipated.

I know that "frozen" is going to be in your house -- i was working.

Now we all have to wear ponytails.


And, by the way, "catching fire," that is -- in 2 weeks.

Movies continue.

There are so many blockbuster hits.

It is continuing.

Even though we say american consumers are under pressure and retail sales are down, and yet, people are still spending.

It is less expensive to go to a movie than to buy a christmas present.

That is true.

Number 4, ebay, a price target of $61 per share.

It is said that ebay is now at an attractive price point and that the uppity is having a strong holiday season.

And groupon falling about 3% as they have been downgraded, and the price target was lowered to about $11. they say that their opportunity is local and significant.

Down about 0.5% , bank of america.

They have to pay for claims.

Ok, here we are, our number one stock of the day, and on cyber monday, it is amazon, amazon trading down just a fraction.

The company is testing delivery drones called "octoco[oh closing bell] within five years pending faa

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