The Top Ten Stocks for Dec. 19

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Dec. 19 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Trish Regan, Adam Johnson and Matt Miller report on today’s ten most important stocks including Oracle, Nike and Hershey. (Source: Bloomberg)

Number 10 is oracle.

Sales and profits were in line with estimates.

The company is seeking to sell web delivered software.

Larry ellison has revamped his database and has acquired about 100 companies over the past decade.

Ride aid to dropping 10% today.

It is lowering its guidance.

It expects to earn $.23 a share at most, that is down from an earlier production -- prediction.

It blames a highly promotional selling environment in the front end of the stores.

Number eight is astrazeneca.

It agreed to pay $4.3 billion to buy a stake of a company that makes diabetes drugs.

The new ceo has been trying to revive business.

Nonetheless, the stock does not react.

Number seven, pier 1, jumping five percent after reporting income climbed 13% as customers spend more during their visit to the store.

The company is also raving -- raising its quarterly dividend.

Six cents per share from five cents per share.

A good place for [inaudible] hershey, shares are up .5%. who knew there was a chinese company named shanghai golden monkey?

Hershey did.

Hershey looking to gain a stronger hold in china, which is one of the fastest growing markets for sweets and everything else these days.

Number five is tesla, falling almost five percent.

It is being reviewed over batter related files --battery related fires.

Shares have plunged more than 25%. two weeks ago, with bitcoin around 1000-1200, somebody bought a tesla with bitcoin.

That was a smart trade.

50% off.


Another benefit to bitcoin.

Another beneficiary.

And it traded at 330 last night?

In china.

An exchange or you can't get anything besides u.n. i should point out the tesla dealer only some dollars on that.

There is a company called bit pay that holds the foreign currency risk, and it has been a bad risk.

Do they get compensated?

We know it is a very big risk.

I will look into it.

We have like four more days of bitcoin.

Number four.

Reporting second quarter revenue that surpassed estimates.

Conagra is reaffirming its target.

Carnival is up today.

Carnival beginning to win back passengers after a string of accidents that frankly have been very disastrous.

The only way to say it.

General electric is number two.

They are projecting profit growth as manufacturing units, earnings will grow at double- digits but it will have to rely more heavily non-manufacturing.

-- more heavily on manufacturing.

Nike's shares are down ahead of second quarter results.

Nike has been stepping up its strategy.

11 new shoes coming out in 30 days, including three signature christmas edition and three other signature additions.

Here is the close right now.

The s&p just off the barely.

The dow jones industrial average

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