The Top Ten Stocks for Dec. 17

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Dec. 17 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Trish Regan, Adam Johnson and Matt Miller report on today’s ten most important stocks including Boeing, Hewlett Packard and AT&T. (Source: Bloomberg)

Number 10 today is bowing, climbing 10%, authorizing the largest share buyback in its history, increasing the stock imac program to $10 billion, raising its quarterly dividend by 50%. fuel-cell energy, down 21% today, falling the most in five months, reporting their quarterly loss that exceeded wall street's estimates.

Fuel-cell, which makes systems that convert natural gas into electricity, has not posted an annual profit since 1997. number 8, 2 stocks, western digital and seagate technology both gaining as the company is updated and analysts say that sustainable costs in the industry and a bottoming of the pc market should boost revenues.

Number seven is honeywell, down one percent, profit revenue is expected to increase next year, although revenue dropped, they are bracing for continued budget decline from the department of defense.

Kkr, shares are falling two percent, the private equity firm plans to buy kkr financial valuing the publicly traded credit unit at $2.6 billion.

Subject to a vote by kkr financial, known commonly as ksm.

They used to be one in the same, not a split, now they are coming back together.

It is like a financial news story who written by "the onion." are we watching a different network?

It is kind of funny.

Raymond james, kkr, upgraded to a strong by based on their new vacuum robot, which should boost the company's sales next year i'll also likely to boost the company in 2014 is the expansion of their mopping robot.

What happens if that thing falls off the stairs?

I don't know.

I guess it doesn't post stocks?

Does it weigh a lot?

I have to say that i think these are fairly popular products.

It is not like early adopters are using this, a lot of people are using this.

That is the dirt coming into the vacuum?

Inside the robot.

Now i know what to get the two of you.

We are pretty intrigued.


You should get out more.

We tried.

Number four today, we have two, back to back, health care and hda dropping as their emissions were the weakest ever.

Kind of good, though, right?

Inpatient admissions declined four percent.



People are health or -- healthier.

Or they could not pay for it.

They could not sign up for obama.


Like hewlett-packard, gaining on the recommendation from jpmorgan , the pc market they say appears to be stabilizing and the decline in printing demand might be easing.

Number two is frontier communications, jumping nine percent.

The phone company has agreed to by their connecticut operations for $2 billion in cash to focus on more lucrative wireless services.

The deal boosts cash flow and creates $200 million in annual cost savings.

They did not use the word synergy in the press release.

3m, posting notes -- maker of post-it notes -- [opening bell -- closing bell] $22 billion per share in a five- year.

, -- five-year period.

Here we are, this is all of

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