The Top Ten Stocks for Dec. 11

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Dec. 11 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Adam Johnson, Trish Regan and Matt Miller report on today’s ten most important stocks including Urban Outfitters, Microsoft and Mastercard. (Source: Bloomberg)

We will get you caught a break now on the only sauce you need to get caught up today.

Number 10 is home depot, up about a half percent right now.

The home improvement retailer that's a profitability goal met a year earlier than planned.

Home depot says it is -- the operating markets looks than 12% by the year ending january, to the 15. class that is because matt and i are in there buying all kinds of stuff.

Cheers sinking six percent.

The maker of mining equipment posted earnings.

The company has suffered as miners continue spending cuts as commodities drop.

Class a light of mining stuff at home depot.

Class yes.

Class h&r block down after record -- reporting a 2.1% drop posting losses roughly in line with the year ago.

Confidence the company is well- positioned to deliver strong results.

Still down.

Class number seven is cisco, falling more than one percent after using a bid to overturn approval of microsoft's takedown of skype.

Cisco and others filed a complaint that said a deal would hamper competition.

They said the deal would fail to demonstrate that eu was wrong to clear the deal.

Qwest groupon gaining one percent as well as upgrades are starting to outperform today.

Groupon is poised to take market share in the huge commerce market, wells fargo.

Groupon is likely to benefit from increasing popularity of mobile commerce.

That is for sure.

Blackberry shales -- shares are falling as coverage of the stock.

The analyst for the smartphone maker continues to struggle and is more broken in speak -- worth more broken into pieces.

Class it is brutal where it is headed.

Class that does not quite would like a blackberry.

Where is the keyboard?

That is the whole point.

With blackberry, you get a keyboard.

Qwest that is one without a keyboard.

It was supposed to save the company does it was supposed to be like an iphone but is not an iphone.

Qwest the only thing i think it has going for it is the keith -- the keyboard.

On my iphone, typos all over the place.

My blackberry, you know?

I am pretty coherent on it.

Class it has been repeatedly said on the show the pattern is worth $2 billion.

Maybe there is salvage value.

Obviously, the folks, was it city?

Rish, you should get one of the t-mobile messengers?

Have you seen those?


Do member the avon lady?

They are both from rural america?


Iowa and ohio.

The ladies to come to my house in new hampshire.

The world's largest door-to-door cosmetics seller.

The ceo has been cutting jobs and exiting markets as part of a plan to save $400 million by 2016. qwest urban outfitters, shares are up as the company reports shares have grown so far this quarter.

They are growing, at least a couple of percentage points.

The operator said fourth-quarter stores open at least 13 months and then rising mid-single digits.

Number two is microsoft.

Qwest down one percent even as the company said sales of its new xbox one video eight -- videogame console reached more than 2 million.

Microsoft will keep pace during the holiday season.

Qwest all right.

You hear the closing bell.

Mastercard, shares are up since august after announcing a dividend increase.

One stock split, mastercard is also launching a $3.5 billion stock buyback program.

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