The Top Ten Stocks for Dec. 10

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Dec. 10 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Adam Johnson, Trish Regan and Matt Miller report on today’s ten most important stocks including Toll Brothers, AutoZone and General Motors. (Source: Bloomberg)

Only stocks you need to know about today.

Number 10, lulumlemon.

The chairman steps down.

The former ceo of tom's will replace the ceo.

This comes after the comments were made right here on "street smart." hard to forget that one.

More on this story.

Talking about rambus.

Part of the deal, micron get the right to use any patent for the manufacturing of certain integrated circuits.

They have been suing each other literally like samsung and apple.

Number eight, teva pharmaceuticals.

They said earnings will miss analysts estimates next year if regulators allow generic copies of the multiple sclerosis drug.

It brings in more than half of the annual profit.

Number seven, brought calm.

The chipmaker raised fourth- quarter revenue.

Getting better than expected revenue and revenue in all of its business.

Talking about texas instruments.

Shares are down a fraction as boehner wrote the outlook for the fourth quarter.

Expects to earn between 44-40 eight cents per share versus 42- 50. they may wrote it.

Number five, twitter.

-- they narrowed it.

Becoming more bullish on the potential to raise ad revenue.

Rolling out a new advertisement revenue program that will allow them to focus on specific people and target them on twitter.

Make sense.

It is weird.

All of us are ontwitter-,-and i never in fact, i am on it right now.

I have never gotten an ad.

You did not notice it.

It is that good.

It says promoted, and a lot of times it is something i am interested in.

I use twitterific, which is slightly different.

Not about starbucks?

Starbucks down nearly three percent, falling the most in any year on cautious analyst comments.

The company may be slowing growth in the fiscal first quarter.

No better economic barometer than starbucks, i think.

That is what greenspan used to use.

Toll brothers down about half a percent, despite boosting fourth-quarter earnings that beat the estimates on higher luxury home prices.

The income gap go down 77% from a year ago.

Posted fewer tax related adjustments.

Autozone shares topping estimates.

The performance boosted by the addition of new stores in the u.s. and mexico.

-- in the u.s. and mexico.

Coming up on the number one stock of the day, general motors.

The government sells its stake in automaker and names the next leader.

Mary barra the first female ceo in the global succeed -- will succeed -- mary barra will

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