The Top Ten Stocks for Aug. 5

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Aug. 5 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Trish Regan, Olivia Sterns and Julie Hyman report on today’s top ten stocks on “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Slightly today.

They present a surprise record profit rise of $2.57 billion.

A surge helping to ease shrinking demands in japan.

Announcing a cut in this calendar year.

Sales forecast $10.22 million.

Less than one percent after reporting profits that declined 13%. working toward its credit upgrade out of 2008, which swelled to more than 108 billion dollars.

Successful low the top level.

Number eight, the agricultural profits are reporting higher than second quarter earnings.

There was robust ethanol demand.

A rebound in exports and a strong demand.

Marks slightly.

The company raised its it to document a processing company in response to software.

The company is have been in a bidding war.

Number six, a stock is down almost six percent following in the stubs of rebirth murdoch.

The media company plans to split into two publicly traded companies.

I will trade off his publishing business from his tv and digital operations.

The company also announced yesterday it would provide with $1.8 billion.

Speaking of media companies that have split up, number five, up slightly today, reporting earnings that beat analyst estimates.

The company was helped by digital ad sales in his first financial closures and separating time warner back since june.

Concerns of liability business.

There has been a lot of concern there now heavily dependent on time itself, sports illustrated, and people.

There is good news.

Digital sales are picking up.

These are great brands.

Sports illustrated, probably.

Number four is coke.

Up almost five percent, a brand that has not been quite considered quite as good as of late.

Today after posting fourth quarter profits.

More sales of goods and rising demands in china.

Accessories in north america.

Number three, office depot.

It is in the red.

It posted in line second-quarter earnings and it raised its outlook for the year.

The company says it builds best to close at least 400 u.s. locations by the end of 2014. down slightly today, the largest provider of subscription drugs in the u.s. reporting profits that beat analyst estimates.

The company added new estimates and it announced it will raise earnings-per-share forecast for the rest of the year.

Moving onto our number one stock of the day, target.

Target is in the red.

Second-quarter profit sales forecast as u.s. sales we can.

It has been trying to retrain -- regain consumer trust after its massive data breach.

A former executive at pepsico here is the good news.

The market bouncing off the lows

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