The Top Ten Stocks for Aug. 26

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Aug. 26 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Trish Regan, Adam Johnson and Matt Miller report on today’s ten most important stocks including Big Lots, TMS International and Tesla Motors. (Source: Bloomberg)

Right now on the only stop -- stuck you need to knew.

Tyson foods down 7%. lower ticket prices added.

Qidoo shares are rallying.

They report better-than-expected second-quarter results.

They also issued guidance that was lower.

Dan loeb disclosed a 5.7% stake in the auctioneer.

Their point plans to engage in a dialogue -- third point plans to engage in a dialogue.

3d systems are number seven.

The are up after starting coverage with by ratings panama.

The 3-d printing market could triple by 2017. we should note 3-d was one of the stocks that made our cuts.

This is up more than 1%. they have the agreement to sell part of this for two $.6 billion.

They expect to use the net proceeds from the sale to speed up opportunities at some of the other projects.

Number five is mcdonald's shares up just a fraction.

They plan to introduce a bone in chicken wings across the u.s. next month.

Ceo don thompson has been overhauling the menu to boost sales.

If they are hot enough, i will eat them.

Bone in?

That gives you something to grab.

What is the point?

Don't we have technology to get the boat out?

If there is no bone they shredded the moveeat and reshaped it.

I want something that is -- i do not like that idea either.

The other thing is how big are the chickens to make all the wings.

This is unpleasant.

And never thought of growing chickens.

Facebook is up nearly 2%. the valuation tops this is the first time since may 2012. it has more than doubled since ollie to a record low in september.

Big lots up more than 5% today.

A new look in some of these stores as the chain gets an upgrade.

The firm raising this from neutral to underweight and listing price targets from 28. 12% after they agreed to sell itself.

They say the deal boost returns for shareholders and physicians.

They will expand globally as a privately held company.

Moving to our number one stock, it is tesla up more than 1%. investors believe that elon musk will keep riding the deal of electronic arts.

We are looking at a market here that is closing the day lower

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