The Top Ten Stocks for Aug. 20

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Aug. 20 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Adam Johnson, Sara Eisen and Matt Miller report on today’s ten most important stocks including TJX Cos., Barnes & Noble and Best Buy. (Source: Bloomberg)

Worry, we are about to get to call up on the only stock to need to know.

Urban outfitters, rallying on second quarter results, with bullish commentary, outperforming from neutral, the firm said multiple factors despite the choppy landscape, but potential acquisitions and the fact that they have all of that ride bucking stock.

#9, for-profit education companies declaring that they met standards in the year.

This is a big deal and if fallen short again, there is additional monitoring and reporting.

Medtronic, down 2% in first quarter sales, missing analysts estimates.

That is the infused bone growth product during the quarter.

Bob evans, following first quarter earnings, bob evans, but plans to open a new store concept, looking forward to that, in a fan.

Glaxo is matt miller.


Zillow, down% after announcing a share sale.

The company and shareholders at $82 apiece, coming on the heels of their biggest acquisition, announcing that they would purchase street easy.

Home depot, down 1% even though they posted second quarter profit sales and margin expansion, pretty much everything in topped analyst estimates, raising annual forecasts.

Shoppers in the housing recovery are spending more than investors thought.

Let's look at how much it has run up so far this year.

On fire, though.

I read those numbers in the car this morning and i was blown away.

Before the open the stock was up.

By the rumor, sell the news, i guess you almost have to.

I was at the home depot downstairs from this building and it is massive.

Can we go in it?

It is jammed.

This weekend it was packed.

Humidifier's, air-conditioner is, everything.

An awesome place.

I'm not new screwdriver's last weekend, they were great.


Index sporting goods, missing estimates, the company says they are facing a sluggish consumer environment as they cut their forecast for the year.

#3, almost 7%, the parent company 40 amax, rising 14% in the second quarter with shoppers continuing to flock to the stores for discounts on designer goods.

#2 is barnes and noble, plunging more than 10% after their first quarter loss doubled as they faced declining sales from retail stores and the book readers, nook, which they still make but do not sell.

They are putting an end to the bid for the company bookstore, so no more buyer.

No more buyers, no more bookstores either.

They are tough to come by.

All right, number one stock, there is, best buy, the most in the s&p 500. ooh, i hear the closing bell.

[closing bell] the ceo cut costs and trimmed prices on the sale, you see the s&p up about 4/10 of 1%. nasdaq, leading the way as it so often has been doing.

Time now for the roundup.

The story we have been tracking.

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