The Top Ten Stocks for Aug. 15

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Aug. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Adam Johnson, Matt Miller and Trish Regan report on today’s ten most important stocks including Dell, Green Mountain and Wal-Mart. (Source: Bloomberg)

Major selloff underway on wall street as we head into these final moments of trading.

If you missed anything in today's session, we are getting you caught up right now.

It is time for your top 10. dell headed for a decline.

Investors have more to mull over as they consider michael dell's final offer.

We will have those numbers for you.

Net app getting a downgrade from hold to buy.

Netapp's product revenue rose four percent during the quarter but short of estimates.

The discount retailer profits fell in the second quarter on a higher expenses but met estimates.

It is benefiting from offering exclusives to customers and low prices.

Number 7 -- nordstrom.

Trading lower by .3%. second quarter results coming after the closing bell.

It will give insight into the strength or lack there off of the retail sector are.

And green mountain coffee falling four percent today.

On concern of the company's latest sales.

Sales were only 11% in august versus 21 .5% last month.

They got cut in half.

At the biggest changer is the growth rate over the past several years.

Company plans to cut five percent of the workforce.

The ceo john chambers calling the economy "challenging and inconsistent." it is seen as a bellwether.

It is almost an old school new tech company.

They make routers for the internet.

Click they have been able to innovate.

Michael, the economy is growing at two percent.

I know you are alleged -- it is a big shift.

You like to percent?

-- 2%? i love it.

Hb falling after first quarter profits from lenovo the estimates.

They edged out their competitor hp to become the biggest pc seller for the first time.

Amgen proposed a takeover of the cancer drugmaker that has stalled.

Talks are being held due to a dispute over access to drug trial data.

This is a very complicated case.

There are a lot of different views.

Number two is disney.

The stock is down more than two percent.

Another analyst is at it once again.

He has added a stake in disney.

Hopefully be pixar characters will be nicer to him than george clooney was.

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