The Top Ten Stocks for Aug. 14

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Aug. 14 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Trish Regan, Matt Miller and Adam Johnson report on today’s ten most important stocks including Apple, Zynga and Macy's. (Source: Bloomberg)

You missed everything that happened in the day's session, don't worry.

The stocks you need to know about today, it's time for the top ten.

Apple, shares up 2% hitting $500 million for the first time since january.

The jump comes a day after carl icahn disclosed a stake in the country.

Apple declined 8% compared to a 9% gain in the s&p 500. encree, emphasis on the second syllable as the energy efficient lighting maker provides a forecast well below the estimate.

Sales of l.e.d. lights will be flat with last quarter, last year.

That's not the growth in a you want to see.

That's a painful move.

Millennial media down 19%. falling six months down in the country.

Millennial announcing plans to buy junk tap, a competitive in the market.

Number seven, zenga shares up 2%. the chief officer and two other executives are leaving.

The new ceo works to turn around the struggling developer of on-line games.

Hovnanian is down despite the rise to neutral.

You may recall, also, that pulte guided down significantly about three weeks ago.

So that really has taken some of the steam out of the home builders in general.

Aol is trading flat.

Tim armstrong sent a memo to the employees saying he's sorry for firing a staff member at a meeting last week.

Fired the creator of the local news business patch in front of a roomful of employees.

An earful of analysts on the earnings call.

Out there on the public venue is really unfortunate.


I would not be able to sleep.

He needs to apologize.

What happened is the person was -- the head of social media saying the conference call is why he had to lay off 200 people.

He was upset they chose that moment to take the picture.

Still you hate to treat people like that in public.

Cisco is up slightly ahead of the results due out after the close.

Analysts you are vaed by bloomberg estimate $12.1 billion.

Full coverage of cisco's numbers are coming up.

And ups, we have to talk about this one.

A cargo jet crashed and exploded early this morning in birmingham, alabama.

The airbus a-300 exploded 900 yards from the airport where it was attempting to land.

The two crew members onboard were killed.

The plane was en route from louisville, kentucky.

Two, sea world down nearly 5% falling the most since the ipo in april.

The theme park operator cutting the forecast for 2013 sales as attendance fell in the second quarter.

Sea world blames the drop in attendance on higher ticket prices and bad weather.

Coming up on the number one stock of the day, macy's down 4% sinking the most in eight months.

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