The Top Ten Stocks for Aug. 1

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Aug. 1 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Adam Johnson, Matt Miller and Trish Regan report on today’s ten most important stocks including LinkedIn, Time Warner Cable and Yelp. (Source: Bloomberg)

That happened during today's session, don't worry.

We're getting you caught up on the only stock you need to know about today.

Over 10, linkedin, up 4%. it's due out after the closing bell.

It has a record of beating since it went public.

I am on linkedin.

You are one of the 100 influencers.

Chesapeake up after the national -- after the natural gas producer reported.

They are under less pressure to raise cash amid rising few vices.

Number eight is time warner cable, rising 3% after second- quarter profit topped estimates.

The company said earnings growth would be on the high end of its forecast.

Time warner has been cutting discounts as a way to emphasize profit over subscriber growth.

Number seven is dell computers, up 2.7%. carl icahn filed a lawsuit to stop dell from changing the seizures for voting on the michael dell and silverlake takeover deal.

One of matt's favorite stocks, activision up 1% today.

They make "call of duty" and matt is very good at it.

This company set to report second-quarter earnings at just a couple of minutes.

Analysts are estimating a profit of eight cents a share on revenue of $608 million.

"new york times" following after reporting declines in sales.

They've been focusing more on attracting paying subscribers and depending less on advertisers to cut spending industrywide over the past five years.

So it seems like part of the plan, but not something that drilled shareholders.

I read the new york times every morning on my ipad and if there were more guys like me, the company would spend less on printing and that in theory should help margins.

Maybe to move to digital cap ultimately help newspapers.

I am a subscriber on the ipad and iphone.

That's what's happening and they need to figure out a way to monetize that, otherwise more trouble ahead.

Number four is aig, up more than 3%, the insurer is increasingly likely to pursue an ipo after eight yield to sell the unit fell through.

Robert edmund shea has been seeking to get rid of the unit to reduce debt and simplify aig.

The nation's largest trailing analyst estimates by the most in more than a decade as returns from its fuel making business plunged.

That is because it was trading up around $106. their profits dropped 94% during the quarter.

That is painful.

General motors and ford, both of those stocks are gaining on strong auto sales in july.

July u.s. sales rose six percent in pickup trucks.

That is where the margins are.

Ford sold 194,000 vehicles led by the f series pickup as well.

That is just continuing to drive trough it.

Here we are the bell is ringing.

Yelp is up, surging to a record high after his sales beat estimates.

It attract more advertisers which jumped 77% during the quarter.

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