The Top Ten Stocks for April 8

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April 8 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Trish Regan, Olivia Sterns and Matt Miller report on today's ten most important stocks including Nike, CVS and General Amazon. (Source: Bloomberg)


Your top 10, alcoa is trading up half of a percent.

The women producer announced first-quarter earnings.

Number nine is activision blizzard cup of up almost two percent, and this news comes after the ceo took a 55 million dollar cut in pay last year.

He only got $10 million.

That is down from a 65 million he got in 2012. last year was also the first year in which he gained full control.

-- he is essentially paying himself, which is why he decided to pay himself last.

It make sense.

Nike is trading about three percent today.

Receiving an upgrade earlier today.

Abercrombie & fitch down two percent.

The retailer announcing it will pay thousands of dollars to assistant managers due to improperly withheld wages.

More are merging to join the lawsuit.

Number six is ebay.

Shares four percent.

March comparable shares for the e-commerce website rose 7.8% year-over-year.

Number five is comcast.

Shares are down slightly today.

Steve, the ceo, expects it back to be in the number one spot when the tv season comes to a close.

The network that aired the sochi olympic games and sunday night football will close with the biggest audience in prime time.

The results mean the ages of 18 and 49. this is impressive in just three years, he has enabled them to go from fourth place to first place.

It looks like they have had a huge success with shows.

I know matt watches a lot, like the voice.

I was going to ask what shows.

What do people watch on nbc?

The voice and what?

The blacklist.

I am usually watching hbo were netflix were playing call of duty.

That is a problem nowadays.

A big victory lap.


His shows are doing well replacing leno.

Number four, we're moving on, shares are solely -- soaring up over six percent.

The nasdaq expecting its profits -- sales for its fuel cell powered forklift continue to grow.

The company expects orders to almost quadruple this year $250 million.

Trading down one percent, the securities and exchange commission charged them with misleading investors about significant financial setbacks and improper accounting.

Cbs agreed to pay $20 million to settle.

A sickly, nothing.

Apart from taking a cab ride.

The company has agreed to pay $1.3 billion, a little worse than cvs, to settle claims from a mortgage bond.

Investors ridding themselves of liabilities tied to mortgage.

Citigroup is just the latest bank they're trying to put that behind them.

Number one stock of the day is amazon.

Shares up almost three percent after a report showing streams of instant video tripled year-over-year.

Surpassed apple and hulu in streaming.

They infringed on two patents cover your rear at the close of and we have enough day -- have an update.


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