The Top Ten Stocks for April 29

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April 29 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Trish Regan, Matt Miller and Julie Hyman report on today's ten most important stocks including Gogo, Sprint and Apple. (Source: Bloomberg)

Number 10 is target.

The second u.s. largest retailer announced the new chief information officer on may 5. the theft of millions of card users personal information, we will have more on that story in today's lineup.

Class number nine is nine percent, luxury handbag makers, to use the term "luxury" lightly.

Store sales tanked by 21%. the company faces increasing competition in the handbag markets from rivals, also not labels i would consider luxury.

Would you call coach luxury?

Class a lot of people would.

You're from ohio and you should know.

It is big in ohio.

Luxury in ohio.

Class from all of the outlet stores around the country.

Class number eight is deutsche bank.

The investment bank recorded profits that fell less than estimated.

14 other banks have been cut to negative and the -- that did not derail shares.

Class breaking news in the last hour.

There is set to be offering out let's. earlier today, mark posted first-quarter profits that beat estimates.

This is the company cut spending on research, continuing to spend more than a million dollars an ounce last year.

Class number six is herbalife.

Earnings beat analyst estimates.

It also announced it will suspend its dividend to free up cash for stock i've back.

The company has been under heavy scrutiny after numerous complaints said the business was a pyramid scheme.

Class number five, netflix is up.

There would be an improvement in quality and reliability for video streaming customers.

This is the second deal in two months for improved network access by netflix after paying conflict -- comcast in february.

No financial terms have been disclosed the -- but i say a man because you get tired of house of cards having blitz while you are watching.

Class you have been complaining for a while.

Class yes it does and out will not anymore, hopefully.

Number four is nokia.

It has announced the networking chief will become the new ceo effective may 3 after selling off its unit in a $7.5 billion deal to microsoft.

The company relies heavily on revenue from its network technology.

Class speaking of incredibly slow connections, go go is vomiting by nearly 30%. at&t announced it will introduce four g wireless internet access to commercial flights, providing tough competition for airplay wi-fi -- airplane wi-fi provider go go.

The rollout is as soon as 2015 but maybe they will finally be able to watch netflix on the plane.

Class that would be so great.

You cannot do it with go go because they are too slow slow.

Up about 10%, unlike some of the other phone companies that reported they hope to limit losses by matching rival offers and having new offers, such as a family plan.

All right, we are getting to our number one stock of the day.

It is apple.

It went from slight gains to slight losses.

They are looking at a $30 billion increase in shareholder returns, and the debt offering will be set at $12 billion, and the notes may sell as soon as today.

They are ending the day higher.

Of course, we are waiting on

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