The Top Ten Stocks for April 25

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April 25 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Trish Regan, Matt Miller and Julie Hyman report on today's ten most important stocks including Ford, Masco and Amazon. (Source: Bloomberg)

Microsoft down 0.5%. they completed the takeover of the nokia phone business in a $7.5 billion deal.

Number nine, pandora down 16%. they fell the most today in more than one year after telling investors they will aggressively spend on marketing.

A aggressive.

Collect the don't like it when they use the word aggressive.

When you're going to spend money, you should not say aggressive.

I'm not sure they said it or if that was their interpretation.

Up three percent with first quarter profits that exceeded estimates.

They announced they will boost quarterly dividend and operating . visa fell the most since july today after saying that economic sanctions against russia could hurt profits.

Also reporting second-quarter revenue missing estimates.

6 is plug power, the biggest gainer in the nasdaq over the past year.

They expect to raise $124 million and a follow-up share offering that may help to fund acquisitions.

Not aggressive acquisitions but just regular ones.

The company price $22.6 million in shares.

Netflix is down about 6% announcing the deal for operators through the tivo set-top boxes.

It does mark a big step for ceo reed hastings in simplifying access to netflix services.

This has been a goal here, going through fewer steps to get netflix.

That's good.

We like it as consumers.

Pandora said they were going to be aggressive.

Chief financial officer said, we said we invest aggressively in the front half.

Not hedging.

I don't want to correct you on live tv but i want to serve viewers as best i can.

They are being aggressive.

Elon musk received less than $70,000 in the last year down from the $78 million he received in 2012. he said that china will be the bigger market for tesla in the long-term.

It's the hugest car market in the world.

3 is forward after posting first-quarter earnings that missed estimates blaming higher recall costs and bad weather for the miss.

Underpromise, overdeliver.

Tell them you will aggressively spend on marketing and then don't be aggressive.

I'm going to get aggressive on that.

Two business code down 8% -- nesco down.

-- masco down after weather affecting.

Amazon falling nearly 10%. ceo jeff baeza says that he will not slow down spending in the company.

Amazon is moving the operating loss.

Slightly off the lows here.

Ending the day 0.8%.

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